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Photographer Steve Babuljak returns to his training ground

Gallery of images shot by Steve Babuljak. Clockwise from top-left: a male and female student in a lab, biology lecturer gesturing at presentation slide, student at desk writing, President Wong with students, blurred student in front of SFSU sign. Photos by Steve Babuljak.


Humanities building, third floor down the long hall, last door on the right. That was my spot where I made lifelong friends, was mentored by professors and peers, ate lunch on the couch, worked on homework, had heated discussions, dreamed, planned, got inspired and became a photographer.

Photo of a man lying down on a bench reading, tress in background. Photo by Steve BabuljakAs a photojournalism student, I found my place at the big school in the city. With nearly 30,000 students, SF State might seem like a big place on paper but it can be a close, tight-knit and welcoming community. During my time at SF State, I was not only given the education to become a photographer but also the resources and connections to step out of its doors ready for the real world. By the time I graduated, I had had internships, jobs and experiences that actually made me a working photojournalist, not just one in theory.

Since graduating and working in the journalism field, I have transitioned into commercial photography but my training and experience as a photojournalist still shape the way I approach any shoot: storytelling, light, composition and finding moments, moments, moments! My training wasn’t just information I was given, but a perspective.

My connections to SF State have now come full circle. A good portion of my current work is centered on higher education and through relationships built at SF State. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to return to campus in October and photograph for the school that helped me become who I am today.


More images shot by Steve Babuljak. Clockwise from top-left: two female students laugh as they walk on campus, a woman sitting by window leafing through papers, silhouet of student in library stacks, student with laptop computer sitting on bench in front of library, Asian woman with pink earmuffs. Photos by Steve Babuljak
Seeing SF State again with some of the new spaces and buildings brought a sense of envy but also excitement for the current students. The buzz and bustle of the students give the campus a vitality that is truly its own and a pleasure to capture.

The individual style and openness of so many students I encountered reminded me why this was and still is such a great place to be every day. An SF State student is an individual yet representative of so many from different cultural, ethnic, ideological and economic backgrounds. Go Gators!



Image of Steve Babuljak holding a cameraSteve Babuljak (B.A., ’03) is an advertising and editorial photographer based in the SF Bay Area. See more of his work here.





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