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Reader Survey: Fall/Winter 2012

We know you are busy so we’ll make this fast:
Here are ten easy questions about SF State Magazine to help us plan future issues and continuously improve.

Thank you for your feedback!

1. Here are the feature stories that ran in the Fall/Winter issue. What do you think of them? (If you didn’t read any of them, please skip this question and go to #2.)

Meet the President
Les Wong discusses his past, SF State's future and his early impressions of campus.

Designing the Scenes
Production designer David Gropman helped bring "Life of Pi" to life.

From Holloway to Broadway
Director Daniel Sullivan on mentoring, Al Pacino and the revival of "Glengarry Glen Ross."

The Business of Blurb
How CEO Eileen Gittins turned a painful time into a publishing powerhouse.

2. In general, how would you rate the quality of SF State Magazine?

 Very Good 
 Very Poor 

3. How much do you agree with the following statement: "Reading SF State Magazine strengthens my connection to SF State" ?

 Strongly Agree 
 Neither Agree nor Disagree 
 Strongly Disagree 

4.What has SF State Magazine prompted you to do so far? (check all that apply)

 Attend an SF State event 
 Send information about yourself for Class Notes section 
 Contact a former classmate or professor 
 Make a donation to SF State  
 Share the magazine with others 
 Become involved with the Alumni Association 
 Clip an article for future reference 
 Write a letter to the editor or other college official 

5. Below is a list of primary sections in SF State Magazine. Which ones did you read in this issue?

  Read Skimmed Skipped
President’s Message (inside front cover)

Letters to the editor

Campus Beat (short campus news items)

Class Notes (news from alumni through the decades)

Short alum profiles in Alumni & Friends section

6. Which of the above is your favorite section of the magazine and why?


7. Which is your least favorite section of the magazine and why?


8. If you could change one thing about the magazine what would it be?

9. What stories/information would you like to see in upcoming issues?

10. Have you downloaded our new iPad App? If no, you're done. If yes, tell us what you think:

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