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A Message from President Wong

I write this as I approach my 100th day as President of San Francisco State University. These early and exciting days have given me an opportunity to meet so many of you and hear your expectations and hopes for the future. In every nook and cranny of the campus, and in the larger community, I have found members of the SF State family who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our students.


The president with his wife.I have also discovered a persistent, stubborn commitment to excellence, and I cannot stress how important that commitment will be in the years ahead. SF State must show that we are capable of not only maintaining our strength, but also seeking a new level of excellence in the face of economic, social and political pressures to do more with less. Left unchecked, these pressures could push us to tolerate the mediocrity that comes from pursuing efficiency without regard to quality. While much has been said of our budget woes, the larger danger is that we allow such pressures to divert our attention from the core of our operations: student success.

Success, I am fond of telling our students, demands they take charge of their lives and their minds — that they accept the obligation to “own their own mind.” That is the great challenge that unifies all of us in this University community: successfully guiding each student toward life as an educated person — a person who thinks broadly and critically about big ideas. A person who accepts an idea not because they ought to, but because they have engaged with the concept — challenged it, explored it and examined it fully — employing intellectual skills they have honed at SF State.

And ultimately, the success of students who own their own minds results in success for our greater society. What a privilege for all of us to be a part of that! Go Gators!
Sincerely yours,

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Les Wong


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