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What was your SF State "aha" moment?

We posted the question on the SF State News Facebook site. Here are some of your answers.


When I walked by Stephen Gaskin and Richard Brautigan and knew I was in the right place.
--Rich Schulman


The Child Care Center was created by the mad efforts of the student body and one determined mother. The "aha" moment came when we took the power into our own hands and realized it should be here and we can do it.
--Kyczy Hawk (B.A., ’79)


I was sitting in Professor Calderon’s Spanish 301 class last year, and he was telling us not to use the same word twice in an essay. I decided to create a [computer] program that would detect word duplication. Thanks, Professor!
—Robert Jackson (B.A., ’11)


Photo of actor/director Jack AngelI was going to return after graduating to get a master’s degree. [Professor] Dale Mackley asked why I wanted it, and I said, "Because if I don’t make it as an actor, I can always teach." He advised, "Then don’t get it. It will be like an ace in the hole. Every time something difficult comes up, you’ll say 'To hell with it, I’ll go teach!' You’ll be a lousy actor and a lousy teacher." ... the best advice I ever got.
--Jack Angel (B.A., ’58)


I’d enrolled at SFSU thinking I wanted to be a performance artist (this was in the ’80s) ... then I took a required art history course with Whitney Chadwick. Upon writing my first paper for her, I realized, aha, I don’t want to make art; I want to write about it. That year I had my first review published, and since then I’ve been a freelance arts and culture journalist ... It’s a dream come true and it all started at SF State.
--Anne Lawrence Guyon (B.A., ’90)


My master’s thesis -- I had an idea of what to do, but just couldn’t get all the puzzle pieces together. I was like that for six months until I met with my professor, Russell Jeung... he just turned on a lightbulb over my head and I fully understood how to proceed.
--Aaron Kitashima (M.A., ’09; B.A., ’06)


Dancing in an Afro-Haitian Dance Class to live drummers. I was so full of joy that I thought I’d burst open. The "aha" was that it just doesn’t get better than this.
--Julie Victoria Cohen




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