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retired faculty

Calling all "retired" faculty

Rumors about your activities are circulating through campus. We’ve heard you are writing novels, wrangling cattle and sailing to distant lands. Are the rumors true? Let us know by sending your latest news via e-mail (sfsumag@sfsu.edu,) snail mail (University Communications. SF State Magazine, 1600 Hollloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132) or message in a bottle to SF State Magazine. We’ll share your news in the next issue.


Grateful Gator

SF State Magazine is a most impressive publication. Alumni with Pulitzer Prizes, graduates and former students with outstanding achievements in the arts, sciences, government -- even the leader of a goatherd, all of whom are unquestionably notable!

After too many years to count, I still have a warm feeling for SF State. In 1957, I auditioned for "Records at Random," an opportunity to do a guest DJ show on KSFO. It was a very big deal for broadcast majors. Long story short: I flunked the audition.

Having planned on a career in radio, I was devastated. That’s when I asked Ray Doyle, Radio-TV Department head, to level with me. To say he encouraged me would be an understatement. "Your audition was just a fluke. I know you can do much better than that. Don’t sweat it!" His words served as a major turning point in my life. After enjoying more than 50 years in the industry, I shall forever be grateful to Ray Doyle. To me, he’s still the gold standard of higher education.

Norm Hankoff B.A., ’57 Sacramento, Calif.

Dropping in to Campus

Just a note to let you know I really enjoy SF State Magazine and that while in San Francisco for a visit early in May, I did indeed "drop in to discover what’s new" -- to quote your spring/summer issue. I attended the Annual Human Rights Summit at SF State. How enriching and gratifying it was to hear grad students presenting their research projects. This year’s focus was "Survival Rx: Knowledge for Health Equity." In addition to the presentations, there were plays, music and film screenings during the four-day conference. It was great to connect with SF State again in such an enjoyable, stimulating way. May I suggest that you announce next year’s summit to alumni?

Patricia M. Radosevich Coia M.A., '79 Reno, Nev.

EDITOR’S NOTE: No news on the date yet but you can learn about the latest campus events by visiting our online calendar.

Food for Thought

I really enjoyed the article about the successful eateries started and operated by SF State alumni. I think your listings will keep me busy trying out each of these restaurants and supporting fellow alumni.

My question: Have you considered selling the cover photo to alumni? I believe that the aerial image of campus represents a great potential fundraiser for the Alumni Association, and it is a very nice memento for those who give of their time and experience.

Brian Shinoda B.A., '67 Oakland, Calif.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We agree that Robert Campbell’s aerial photo of campus would make a nice memento for those who give their time to SF State. Readers who complete our new online magazine survey will receive a poster version of the image free of charge, while supplies last. Go to www.sfsu.edu/~sfsumag/
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