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Image: Photos of SF State alumna Bonnie Rose Hough, professor Frank Bayliss and other images from Fall/Winter 2009 issue of SF State Magazine

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How does it Feel?

I am not an alumnus of your university but I receive SF State Magazine from a friend and want to congratulate you on a beautiful and extremely readable publication. As a surgeon I was particularly interested in Dr. Peter Galpin's autobiographical story (Spring/Summer 2009). Surgical training is physically, intellectually and emotionally difficult and Dr. Galpin's success is truly inspirational. Thank you for enabling his story to become known to me and other readers of your excellent magazine.

Jerry Goldstone, MD, FACS, FRCSE
Cleveland, Ohio


Reconnecting With Faculty

Professor John Hafernik was my all-time favorite instructor and he had a lot of competition. Over the years I lost track of John and was so pleased to learn through your amazing article in the spring/summer issue of his triumphs at the new California Academy of Sciences. We're back in touch and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for a fantastic story.

Beth Dunbar
M.A., '89
Hillsborough, Calif.


I was reading a past issue of SF State Magazine when I noticed a familiar name and face: Thelma Schiller (B.A., '42), my P.E. teacher at San Francisco's Marina Junior High School from 1949–52. The article prompted me to arrange a luncheon reunion where we recalled old times. Thank you for bringing us together all these years later!

Juanda Sneed Stewart
B.A., '79; M.P.A., '89
San Francisco


Questioning Our Q and A

Professor Robert Smith's assertion in your spring/summer issue that conservative thought (and by extension conservatives) is aligned, indeed synonymous with opposition to black civil rights is not only wrong, it is as racist and dogmatic as the very premise he decries.

Terry Bean
Millbrae, Calif.


Promising Futures

I was excited to learn about the SF Promise program (Spring/Summer 2009). I wish you success. I am a kindergarten teacher and in my classroom is a picture of me at SF State in my cap and gown. A small picture also sits in the corner of the frame: me as a kindergartner. I use it to show my students a child who came from very poor beginnings but became the first in her family to achieve a college education. I want my students to see college in their futures. I hope one day to attend one of their graduation ceremonies at SF State.

Nicki M. Bagley
M.A., '01
Tucson, Ariz.


Winning entries in the SF State Magazine photo contest (from top): Dennis Conway (M.A., '97), Colleen Straw (B.A., '09) and Pedro Rios (M.A., '02)

The Scoop on the Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to our Spirit of San Francisco State Photo Contest and congratulations to our three winners. Their photos brought a few SF State themes to mind: exploring other cultures, tapping creativity and breaking barriers. Each winner can look forward to capturing more lovely images with the aid of Professor Ken Kobre's Lightscoop®, a smart low-tech device that creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera's pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall.

For more information, visit www.lightscoop.com


Our winning images, from top:

  • Dennis Conway (M.A., '97)
  • Colleen Straw (B.A., '09)
  • Pedro Rios (M.A., '02)










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