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Laboratory and stockroom staff provide support services for teaching and research classrooms and projects. It is important to be aware of policies, guidelines, and procedures established to protect faculty, staff, students, and the public from safety and health hazards.


Reporting Accidents and Injuries

To report details on injuries or near misses, click the form below or contact EOHS at Ext. 81449

COSE Incident Report Form


Safety Training

Stockroom Managers and other Staff Managers are responsible for making sure their personnel have received a documented safety orientation within 30 days of starting work. This includes student employees such as work study and student assistants.


Work Area Inspections

The Campus EHOS Office and the COSE Health and Safety Office conduct room inspections periodically and perform or oversee documented checks on specialty equipment such as chemical fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, eyewashes, and fire extinguishers. However, conditions can change rapidly and stockroom, laboratory, and workshop staff, who know their areas better than anyone, are in the best position to make sure conditions on any given day are acceptable.

Room users need to make sure that safety equipment and engineering controls are working before performing any potentially hazardous work.

For example:

  1. Work spaces and supplies should be checked frequently for damage and general housekeeping.
  2. Emergency and safety equipment such as emergency eye washes and chemical fume hoods should be checked regularly by lab personnel to be sure they are functioning.
  3. Fire extinguishers should be checked to make sure they are fully charged.
  4. Check chemical storage to make sure incompatible chemicals are kept segregated and secure.


Quarterly Self-Inspections

SFSU's Hazardous Materials Business Plan requires people responsible for rooms where hazardous materials are used or stored to conduct quarterly self-inspections. Annual hazardous materials inventory updates are also required. COSE Health and Safety staff distribute the self-inspection report forms to personnel responsible for rooms on the hazmat list. After compiling the completed reports and corrective action plan, the package is submitted to the campus EHOS Office.








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