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    Defining Hazardous Waste

    For our purposes, a “hazardous” waste is a solid, gas, or liquid chemical that can cause harm to people or to the environment and that is expired, outdated, contaminated, or otherwise no longer useful.

    While hazardous waste does include "universal waste" such as compact fluorescent light bulbs and "e-waste" such as used computer monitors, this page deals specifically with chemical waste from laboratories and stockrooms. For more information on handling and disposing of other kinds of hazardous waste, please check the menu at left for the waste type you are interested in.



    Setting Up a Hazardous Waste Accumulation Area

    A chemical hazardous waste storage area must be a designated space in the work area, identified by a "Satellite Accumulation Area" (SAA) sign, that is clearly separated from "in-use" chemical storage. Please use the standardized SFSU campus SAA sign below.



    COSE Hazardous Waste Policy

    1. Hazardous waste shall be collected, stored, and disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations, campus policies, and currently accepted practices.
    2. Hazardous waste shall not be disposed of down the drain, evaporated into the atmosphere, thrown into municipal trash, or otherwise treated without express written approval by campus EHOS.
    3. Waste generators may accumulate hazardous chemical waste in their work areas for a maximum of 60 days from the accumulation start date.


    Responsible Person

    1. The person generating the waste is responsible for filling out the waste ID tag correctly and for following storage practices.
    2. Stockroom and health and safety staff can assist, but are not responsible for identifying wastes or filling out ID tags for generators.


    Time Limit

    1. Chemical waste may be accumulated in a lab or work area for up to 60 days.
    2. The accumulation start date is the date the first drop of waste was put into the container.


    Waste Collection Protocol

    1. At or before 60 days from the start date, lab personnel must take the waste to the stockroom.
      If the department has no stockroom, contact Campus EHOS at x8-1449 or COSE Health and           Safety Staff at x8-6892 for assistance.
    2. Campus EHOS or their designated contractor will pick up the waste from the stockrooms upon request.
    3. Hazardous waste with a missing or incomplete waste ID tag cannot be accepted and will be returned to the generator.
    4. Contact COSE Health and Safety Staff if you are having difficulties with waste pickup.


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