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As the Hazardous Materials Unified Program Agency (HMUPA) for the City and County of San Francisco, the Department of Public Health, Environmental Health division, provides oversight of businesses that generate, use, store, treat or dispose of hazardous materials.


San Francisco State University has submitted a Hazardous Materials Business Plan to the City/State of San Francisco's HMUPA in accordance with Federal, State, and City requirements for facilities that use or store hazardous materials. Businesses (including universities) must maintain a valid Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration.


For more information about the Business Plan and campus environmental permits, contact the University's Office of Environmental, Health, and Occupational Safety (EHOS) at (415) 338-1449.



COSE Business Plan Obligations

COSE faculty and staff who use and/or store hazardous materials are required to collect information and submit updates to campus EHOS as indicated below:


Quarterly Self Inspections

The COSE Health and Safety office distributes the quarterly self-inspection report forms to faculty and staff responsible for rooms where hazardous materials are used or stored. Completed inspection reports are compiled by COSE Health and Safety staff, a corrective action plan is then created, and the entire report and action plan package is then forwarded to the campus EHOS office.


Annual Hazardous Materials Inventory Update

Each year, the campus EHOS office distributes a hazardous materials inventory update letter to affected departments campus-wide. Faculty and staff responsible for rooms with hazardous materials are required to submit significant updates or a statement of no significant change to the previous year. Periodically, a physical inventory of existing chemicals is required to make sure the inventory list is still accurate. For more information, contact campus EHOS at x8-1449.


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