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General Inspections

Principal Investigators are responsible for making sure their staff, students, and colleagues have sufficient training to not only use project materials and equipment in a safe manner, but also in how to check these items to make sure they are in good shape.

  1. Work spaces and supplies should be checked frequently for damage and general housekeeping.
  2. Emergency and safety equipment such as emergency eye washes and chemical fume hoods should be checked regularly by lab personnel to be sure they are functioning. Even though campus EHOS staff perform the documented checks of this equipment, room users must ensure that safety equipment and engineering controls are working before performing any potentially hazardous work.
  3. COSE Health and Safety Staff conduct inspections of rooms and areas within the College of Science and Engineering throughout the semester and submit inspection results to the departments.


Quarterly Self-Inspections

Principal Investigators and Laboratory Managers are also responsible for submitting a quarterly self-inspection report to their Stockroom or COSE Health and Safety staff. The University's Business Plan, overseen by the City and County of San Francisco, serves as it's community right-to-know plan and lays out the conditions for holding a hazardous materials permit. This permit requires us to have documented, quarterly self-inspections of rooms/areas with hazardous materials done by people responsible for these rooms.


Procedures for Documenting Quarterly Self-Inspections

  1. Each quarter, faculty and staff responsible for rooms designated as having or storing hazardous materials will receive a self-inspection report form from the COSE Health and Safety office.
  2. Faculty or staff responsible for a particular room must sign the the self-inspection form, even if they designate one of their workers to actually perform the audit.
  3. Due dates for the self-inspection reports are approximately four weeks from the notice date.
  4. Completed self-inspection forms are logged in, reviewed, and any comments are noted by COSE Health and Safety Staff.
  5. COSE Health and Safety Staff will create a corrective action plan and forward the information to personnel or departments who can make the necessary corrections, repairs or notifications.
  6. The forms and notes are then submitted to campus EHOS, the primary hazardous materials contact with the City and County of San Francisco.








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