The SAFE Place

Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

Self defense

SF State tries to ensure the safety of students, staff and faculty, however, crime and violence can occur at anytime to anyone. For information on crime statistics go to Campus Security Report. There are many ways to protect yourself from physcial harm and learning self defense techniques is one way.Self defense includes using mind, voice and body to defend yourself from a physical attack. In a study of sexual assault on women:


  • 81% who tried running were able to escape,
  • 62.5% who screamed or yelled escaped and
  • 68% who used physical force of any kind avoided assault .
  • Among the violent crime victims who took self protective measures:
  • 60% felt that the actions helped the situation,
  • 17% felt that the actions hurt the situation,
  • 6% felt that the actions both helped and hurt the situation and
  • 13% felt that the actions neither helped nor hurt the situation.
  • 51% of victims who felt that their self protective measures helped indicated that the measures helped avoid injury and 19% felt that the measures scared off the offender.


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