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Theme Communities for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

The theme communities provide the resident with a social/lifestyle experience. Students are encouraged to enroll in classes in relation to the community they decide to reside.

Community & Civic Engagement

The Community Service & Civic Engagement theme community is designed to promote active citizenship in the San Francisco-Bay Area community by engaging students through experimental and service learning opportunities. Students in this community will attend one service learning opportunity a month.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Theme Community is for first-year students in all majors who are interested in developing their personal leadership capacity and getting involved in various leadership opportunities on campus. Through a variety of programming, including retreats, symposiums, community service, and community meetings, participants will be able to explore, expand, and engage in their leadership development at SF State.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)


The goal of the FASTrack theme community is to provide academic and social resources for students who are entering college with an undecided major. FASTrack will expose students to a variety of academic and career related resources that will help them narrow down their options and choose a major. In addition, opportunities will exist for students to study together, have small group discussions, and learn college success strategies such as time management, note taking, and getting involved on campus. FASTrack puts students on the right track to graduation!

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)

Grad Students

Our graduate student community allows graduate students from various academic areas to interact together and continue to learn from each other.

Building/Floor(s): University Park North
Class: Graduate Students

Global Village, South Campus

The Global Village, South Campus Theme Community available to domestic and international students who wish to engage in a diverse living environment.

Countries Represented: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Building/Floor(s): University Park South
Class: Everyone
Additional application required. To apply for the 2016-2017 academic year, go to:
Please know that priority consideration will be given to those stp>udent that apply prior to March 31, 2016.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Theme Community provides a quiet, substance-free environment where students of various majors have the opportunity to connect with individuals that share a common goal: striving towards a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. The overall goal of the community is for individuals to live in an environment that fosters better overall health and wellbeing. Programming in the community focuses on the ability to make active and informed choices about the activities we engage in, the foods we eat, and the people we surround ourselves with.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)


College, just like life, is always about the next adventure! Those living in the Journey community will learn how to affordably navigate around the beautiful city of San Francisco, learn about its culture, and figure out how to cheaply explore a city all as they see some of the biggest tourist sites and hidden local hits of the city.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)

Let’s Play!

The Let’s Play! community is all about what gamers love best - strategy, fun, and building strong friendships while decimating your opponents. While some people might be trying to figure out what to do Friday night, we know our night will probably involve a game of monopoly, a tournament of Call of Duty, or watching friends battle Pokémon. Gaming is not just about the fun, it’s about learning and adapting. As a result you will have the chance to learn about the science behind winning board games, careers in the game design/technology industries, and the impact of gaming on culture and human development. If you enjoy anything from board games and MMORPGs to Super Smash Bros and Magic then you have found your new home. Come join us and Let’s Play!

Building/Floor(s): Towers at Centennial Square
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)

MVP- Music, Visual, and Performing Arts

The MVP community is an assortment of students with a declared major in the College of Liberal and Creative Arts that are pursing art-oriented degrees and lives. The abbreviation MVP represents the three primary areas of representation within the arts: Music, Visual, and Performance. Taken collectively or individually these areas of emphasis denote the basic experiences with which one engages with art. The goal of the MVP community is to situate the artistic interests of residents within a liberal arts framework to produce independent creative artists and thinkers. It is our philosophy within the MVP community that college should be more than perfecting already acquired skills and should instead reflect a period of contemplation and exploration between oneself and the arts.

Building/Floor(s): Residence Halls
Major(s): Art, Apparel Design and Merchandising, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA), Cinema, Communication Studies, Creative Writing, Dance, Design and Industry, Interior Design, Journalism, Music, Theatre Arts, Technical and Professional Writing, and World Music and Dance


The Rainbow theme community that is unique at San Francisco State University. The Rainbow Floor/Community focuses on gender, sexuality, and the intersectionality of identities within the LGBTQ community. This community offers students the opportunity to live in a supportive and collegial space and to explore the issues that face LGBTQ-identified individuals in our society. Through active involvement in educational programming and community mobilization, the community strives to provide an environment where residents feel supported and empowered. This community hosts monthly socials, educational programs, service projects, and resident-sponsored events.

Building/Floor(s): Towers Jr. Suites & University Park South
Class: Everyone
Additional application required. To apply for to the Rainbow Community for the 2016-2017 academic year, go to:
Please know that priority consideration will be given to those student that apply prior to March 31, 2016.

Science and Technology

The Science & Technology Theme Community is specifically designed for first-time freshman students of the College of Science and Engineering. The aim of the community is to prepare residents for careers in the areas of science, mathematics, and engineering. Through social and educational programming, residents will be able to build connections between what they have learned in the classroom and what they do in their everyday lives. The community also provides networking opportunities for residents to meet professors and other professionals in their field of study.

Building/Floor(s): Towers Jr. Suites
Class: FTF (First Time Freshman)
Major(s): Applied Mathematics, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology (several Concentrations), Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Clinical Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Geography, Geosciences, Mathematics, Mechanical engineering, Meteorology, Physics and Astrophysics, Psychology, Physiology, Statistics, Zoology


The Veterans community is designed to aid in the transitions from military to university life. The community is designed to help introduce veteran students to campus life. Living in the Veteran’s community provides veterans a chance to live with other individuals who have served.

Building/Floor(s): University Park North
Class: Veteran Students

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