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Introduction of Staff/Roles

We are committed to providing a comfortable living/learning environment which enhances the academic experience at SF State. Our community is composed of individual from diverse racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds, national origins, religious and political beliefs, physical abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

Our activities, programs, classes, workshops, lectures, and everyday interactions are enriched by our acceptance of one another. We strive to learn in an atmosphere of positive interaction and mutual respect.

As adults, we are responsible for our behavior and are fully accountable for our actions. We take responsibility for our awareness of racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia (fear of that which is strange or foreign), homophobia, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression.

The Residential Community is staffed with people who work to serve residents in a variety of ways. There are a number of students and full-time staff members who work in Residential Life specifically to make sure life outside of the classroom is supported.

Interim Director of Residential Life

Photo: Kevin J. Kinney, Interim Director, Residential Life

Kevin J. Kinney, M.A.

The Interim Director of Residential Life is responsible for the comprehensive administration of the Residential Life program and works closely with the University community to develop resources and services within the Residential Community. The Interim Director of Residential Life also sets the tone for the department and serves as the visionary in leading the Residential Life staff in providing meaningful experiences for the students residing on-campus. The Interim Director of Residential Life oversees the general administrative supervision of the Resident Service Program and the service incorporated within these areas desks. The Interim Director also oversees the Conduct Coordinator and is responsible for directing and monitoring the administrative, emergency, and judiciary concerns within the Residence Community.

Interim Associate Director of Residential Life

Photo: Pactrick McFall

Pactrick McFall

The Interim Associate Director of Residential Education provides comprehensive supervision of the Area Coordinator staff, inclusive of indirect supervision of the Resident Assistant staffs. The Interim Associate Director also represents Residential Life through the Division of Student Affairs, working to create and maintain a symbiotic relationship in an effort to develop our student residents in a holistic manner. The Interim Associate Director of Residence Life also and directs the resident relations programs in our apartment living communities at University Park North and South.

Residential Life Clinical Counselor

Photo of Rick

Karla Castillo


The Residential Life Counselor is a clinical counselor/faculty member who provides individual, couples and group counseling for residents in our community. The Counselor also coordinates resident programs on mental health and well-being, the effects of alcohol and substance abuse, and other health and wellness related issues. In addition, the Counselor runs our Let’s Talk drop-in advice program for all residents. (Go to the following link to learn about Let’s Talk and its hours of operation:

Residential Life Project Coordinator

Picture of Johana Duarte

Johana Duarte

The Residential Life Project Coordinator provides direction, oversight, and focus on emergency preparedness training, education and response, leadership and community service initiatives, and other special projects for the residential community. The Project Coordinator also assists the Residential Life Conduct in addressing conduct issues and concerns within the residential community and actively responds to crisis, student wellness, and emergency issues within the residential community.

Residential Life Administrative Assistant

Picture of Aaron Kitashima

Aaron Kitashima

The Administrative Assistant reports primarily to the Director of Residential Life, and also provides support to the Associate Director of Residential Life. The Administrative Assistant works on special projects as well as providing support for the daily program operations.

Residential Life Area Coordinator (AC)

A full-time professional Area Coordinator (AC) oversees each Residential Community. These professionals are skilled in, conflict resolution, advising, crisis intervention, resource referral, and administrative management. They can be contacted through your front desk. These managers supervise a Graduate Assistant and a staff of student Resident Assistants.

Picture of Cherie Bachman

Cherie Bachman

Area Coordinator, University Park South

Picture of Jamila Cambridge

Jamila Cambridge

Area Coodinator, Village at Centennial Square

Picture of Nicholas Grainger

Nicholas Grainger

Area Coordinator, University Park North

Picture of Tracy Patton

Tracy Patton

Area Coodinator, Mary Park & Mary Ward Halls

Picture of Alex Peterson

Alex M. Peterson

Area Coodinator, Towers At Centennial Square & Towers Junior Suites

Graduate Assistant (GA)

Graduate Assistants live and work in our community. The Living Learning Graduate Assistants (GAs) provide academic support and bridge student relationships with the university's faculty and academic support staff.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are students who have experience living in residential communities and are familiar with what it takes to make the most of your experience here. Your RA has been carefully selected on the basis of his/her ability to show concern for students and to help make your living environment positive and educationally enriching. RAs are trained to serve as community builders, activity advisors, group facilitators, and referral agents. Your RA is someone who can answer your questions. If they can't answer your question, they will refer you to the person who can. Remember, our program exists so you, the resident, will be challenged and supported to learn and grow.

Community Assistants (CAs)

The Community Assistant (CA) brings a student staff perspective for developing policy, procedure, and solutions for Residential Community issues. The primary responsibility of the CAs is the development of the Peer Conduct Review Boards which consist of students who volunteer to hold their peers accountable for the decisions they choose to make while living in university housing. The CAs primary focus is to help create an environment within the community that displays respect for the rights and privacy of others and promotes consideration of individual needs in a group living environment.

Resident Services Assistants (RSAs)

The Resident Services Assistant (RSA) is responsible for daily operations of the Residence Halls front desk by providing quality customer service for the residential community.

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