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Guests and Non-Resident Use of Facilities

All residential facilities are reserved for the exclusive use of residents and their individual guests. For clarification of this general policy, the following guidelines are offered:

It is the basic right of every student to have privacy in his/her assigned room or apartment. The right of a student to live in reasonable privacy takes precedence over the right of his/her roommate to entertain guests.

Students are permitted to have guests 24 hours a day, (with any individual guest limited to ONE overnight monthly visit with a maximum of two consecutive nights per visit) and the guest(s) must be accompanied by their host at all times.

The number of residents and guests may not exceed a room or apartment occupancy limit. (e.g. 2 person rooms or apartments are allowed a total of 4 people. In 5 person apartments, are allowed a total of 10 people.) All guests are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the State of California, San Francisco State University (SF State), and the offices of Residential Life University Property Management (University Housing).

Should a guest be a disruption to members of the room/apartment/floor, or the University staff, a guest may be required to leave the premises.

In order to maintain a living environment that respects the privacy of all residents, guests must adhere to the following specific policies:

  1. Guests are subject to the same rules, regulations and expectations as a resident, and the host is responsible for informing his or her guests of the rules, regulations, and expectations in advance.
  2. The needs of roommates/apartment mates to sleep, study, and otherwise be free from interference and disruption as well as the right to privacy are paramount, and supersede the right to host a guest. Roommates reserve the right to reasonably refuse guests at any time.
  3. Hosts assume full responsibility for the behavior and activities of their guest(s) regardless of whether the host is present to observe the behavior of the guest(s). However, hosts are expected to, whenever reasonably possible, and in compliance with these Community Living Standards, accompany their guests at all times.
  4. For safety and security reasons, guests must be escorted at all times and in all areas of the residence by his/her host of the building.
  5. Guests may only enter the building if they are accompanied by a host who is a resident of the building. The guest will be required to present a picture ID and sign in to gain entrance to the building.
  6. During the course of their visit, guests are expected to behave in a way that positively contributes to the residential community, showing respect and consideration for others and for property.
  7. Guests who are acting inappropriately may be asked to leave the residence.
  8. Guests will not be issued keys or electronic door access, nor are residents to permit guests to use keys or electronic door access. Guests will not be issued, nor are they to be given, bathroom keys.
  9. All guests who will be in the residential areas between the hours of 10:00PM and 8:00AM are required to register their presence in the residential areas through their host at the Community Front Desk. Additionally, all guests who have not registered their presence in a residential area and do not have in their possession a valid guest registration form between the hours of 10:00PM and 8:00AM may be considered trespassers and subject to arrest.
  10. Non-residential SF State students and non-students are required to be registered as a guest by a resident student to enter any residential facilities at the conclusion of a University sponsored event. Any individual authorized to use computer labs in residential facilities is required to register as the guest of a resident student, should he or she remain in the residential area upon leaving a computer lab.
  11. Once registered, the system will maintain and ongoing record of a resident’s, as well as an apartment’s history of guests in the Residential Community.
  12. All guests must be mutually agreed upon by ALL assigned roommates as negotiated through roommate agreements and community agreements. In the event a roommate does not consent, students and their guests may meet in common areas including Residential Community lounges. Once a guest register, the system will record all guests’ visits to campus.

SF State residential students are responsible for the behavior of their guests and may be subject to disciplinary action if their guest violates University regulations. The University reserves the right to deny guest visitation privileges on a limited or permanent basis. These individuals may be considered trespassers and subject to arrest. Guests will not be allowed on campus during orientation, during exam periods, and other times as determined and notified by Residential Life.


Groups of Non-Residents

Non-Resident groups may not use the Residential Hall facilities. Campus and off-campus groups cannot use residential facilities for their meetings. Clubs, fraternities, and sororities may not meet in the buildings. Inquiries regarding facility use should be directed to the Director of Residential Life.


Non-Approved Guests

Building entrances are posted with signs indicating the buildings are closed to the public and only Residents and their approved guests may enter. These signs give you and the Residential Life Staff the right to ask non-approved guests to leave and subject violators to possible arrest. The residential facilities are living quarters for students who pay to live here; they are not public buildings and are not accessible to non-residents and the public. If you permit a non-approved guest to stay in the facilities, you may be charged a fee for that guest.


Guest Registration Policy

  • All residence hall guests visiting a student resident must check in at the Community Front Desk. All guests must provide a valid photo identification card and the following information Name, date of birth, emergency phone number
  • During the hours of 8AM-10PM, the guest and the host must leave their identification card at the Community Desk and can pick it up upon the guest checking out. This includes walking out of the building to go to the dining center or other campus venues.
  • During the hours of 10PM-8AM, the guest and the host must leave their identification card at the Community Desk and will receive a guest registration form, which must be carried at all times during their stay.
  • A guest’s host must reside in the hall where the guest is being registered, provide his or her identification, and be present during the registration process; the resident host must provide their full name, room number, and home number.
  • A resident host may not have more than one registered guest at a one time. Request for an exception to this policy must be made in writing addressed to the Area Coordinator at least 3 business days in advance.
  • A resident host may not loan their room key or University identification card for any reason (see key policy).
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