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The purpose of the Conduct Review Board (C-Board) is to provide a peer review of student disputes and alleged violations. One of the goals of the C- Board is to assist the Residential Life staff in creating a more positive living environment for all residents. Our primary focus is on developing educational programs around issues of safety, security, drugs and alcohol. The C- Board has the responsibility of maintaining the delicate balance that exists in supporting the standards of the University and Residential Life, while serving to advocate for their fellow students. The C- Board strives to be objective, fair, and thoughtful. Emphasis is placed on promoting an understanding of how individual actions can impact a community. The C-Board conducts weekly hearings of peers in their community and decides the outcomes of these cases. Amongst a jury of their peers, the C- Board fosters unique friendships and positive rewards. C-Board members are role models in the community and help foster a positive and encouraging impression in the Residence Halls on campus.


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