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Staff Resources

Welcome to the SF State Campus Recreation Team! It is only with a strong, cohesive group of both student and professional staff that our programs will be successful. The Staff Resources page will serve as your primary tool for finding important information about the requirements, responsibilities and procedures for all persons acting or employed for the Campus Recreation Department. Please familiarize yourself with this page which includes policies set by the Employee Handbook, how to turn in Pay Vouchers and using the Whentowork employee scheduling tool.

Employee Handbook [PDF File]

Online Timesheets

Towards the end of each month employees of the department are expected to correctly input their time in the on-line Timesheets module. Checks are distributed on the 15th of each month. If the 15th is on a weekend, paychecks will be available for pick up the Friday before. All paychecks are received at the Student Services Building room 206. Employees have 5 working days to pick up their paycheck. However, if the 5 day grace period has exceeded contact your supervising coordinator for additional directions.

Timesheets are to be submitted by the deadline.

Tenths Conversion Chart
Minutes Worked Tenths of Hour
1-6 0.1
7-12 0.2
13-18 0.3
19-24 0.4
25-30 0.5
31-36 0.6
37-42 0.7
43-48 0.8
49-54 0.9
55-60 1.0

Forms Page

Online Timesheets Tutorials

Student Online Timesheets Guide

Casual Worker Online Timesheets Guide

When to work is an online employee scheduling tool used by the department to manage daily programming operations. As an employee of Campus Recreation you will be assigned an account and be expected to check your work schedule daily for updates and modifications. Login

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