Smoke-Free Campus

Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

Help Keep SF State a Smoke-Free Campus

Since Aug. 1, 2004, University policy has prohibited smoking on campus, except in designated smoking areas. The objective is to promote health and to protect all who live, work, study or visit the campus from a major health concern: secondhand smoke.


Beginning April 12, 2010, SF State’s smoking policy
will be enforced with citations of $58.


Read SF State's smoke-free policy: Environmental tobacco smoke is recognized as the third leading cause of preventable death.


Read President Corrigan’s message to the campus community regarding enforcement of the smoking policy.


View SF State's designated smoking areas: Visit the online campus map with areas set aside for smoking.

Learn about Smoking Resources: Visit the Student Health Services Web page listing tobacco control and smoking-cessation program links.

Join the effort: To learn more about ways to help make this policy work, e-mail:

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