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Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

The Sciences

The Charles F. Hagar Planetarium

Photo of the inside of the Charles F. Hagar Planetarium




1: inside the Charles F. Hagar Planetarium



Location: Thornton Hall, Room 422
Phone: 415/338-1852 (Msg.), 415/338-1659 (Physics Department)
Web: http://www.physics.sfsu.edu/astronomy/planetarium
Hours: By appointment or during scheduled presentations


The planetarium consists of a Spitz Space Systems 512 planetarium projector housed in a 26.5 ft dome with seating for 45. The facility also has a panorama projection system with an 80-scene capability, plus numerous special effects projectors. In addition to the projection system, the facility has a sound studio for preparation of audio tapes and digital programming of special effects, and a graphics studio which houses art work for the planetarium and a graphics computer station for preparation of artwork and special effects. The planetarium presents free shows for the University community and the public. It also has programs on basic astronomy and the legends of the stars for visiting schools.

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The SF State Observatory

Photo of a man using a telescope in SF State's ObservatoryPhoto of a man standing next to a telescope




1 + 2: At SF State's Observatory



Location: Thornton Hall, Roof
Phone: 415/338-7707
Web: http://www.physics.sfsu.edu/astronomy/observatory
Hours: Call recorded message for public viewing


The Observatory houses four telescopes: the Meade LX-200-12, the Optical Craftsman (with Newtonian and Cassegrain modes), and the Epoch Instruments telescope. The observatory is open to students and the public three nights per week during the fall and spring semesters, weather permitting. It is closed for the summer, on school holidays and during finals.

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The Harry D. Thiers Herbarium

Photo of a Crepidotus boninensis var. hawaiiensis from MolokaiPhoto of a dictyophora indusiata from CameroonPhoto of a guepiniopsis oresbia from Bali


1: Crepidotus boninensis var. hawaiiensis from Molokai.
2: Dictyophora indusiata from Cameroon
3: Guepiniopsis oresbia from Bali



Location: Hensill Hall, Room 429
Department Phone: 415/338-7679
Web: http://www.mycena.sfsu.edu
Hours: By special arrangement only
Dr. Dennis E. Desjardin, Director, Dept. of Biology
Director's Phone: 415/338-2439
Director's Email: ded@sfsu.edu


Upon arriving at San Francisco State in1959, Professor Thiers began building an herbarium that now numbers over 140,000 specimens and is a National Resource Collection. With over 85,000 specimens of fleshy fungi, it is the largest and most important collection of these taxa west of the Mississippi. In addition to thousands of specimens from California, the collection includes mycota from around the world including the Hawaiian Islands, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and Australia.

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The Entomology Museums

Photograph of a Buckeye butterflyPhoto of Mating San Francisco Forktail DamselfliesPhoto of a scorpion viewed under UV light


1: Buckeye butterfly
2: Mating San Francisco Forktail Damselflies
3. Scorpion viewed under UV light



Location: Trailer R behind Hensill Hall
Phone: 415/338-1549 (Biology Department)
Hours: By special arrangement


This teaching collection consists mainly of insect and arthropod samples from the Bay Area. For research purposes the University uses the large collection at the California Academy of Sciences. As of Fall 2004 the collection is housed in a temporary building. It will return to Hensill Hall upon the completion of its renovation.

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