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The Master's Program in Psychological Research is for students seeking to become broadly informed and skilled research psychologists prepared either to a) enter doctoral programs or b) perform competently as master's-level researchers in such settings as clinics, laboratories, schools, commerce, and governmental agencies. This Program offers coursework and opportunities for experience in such areas as:

PsycholinquisticsHealth PsychologySocial Psychology
Clinical ResearchLearningGender Differences
Program EvaluationBiofeedbackCognition
Survey ResearchPhysiological PsychologyMotivation
Computer Analysis of DataEmotionCross-cultural Research

Admissions Requirements

A bachelor's degree, not necessarily in psychology, is required, including an undergraduate course in statistics and in experimental psychology or research methods. The general portion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required, as are three academic letters of recommendation.

The Program

The Program consists of 35 semester units (includes thesis and six elective units) typically requiring four semesters to complete. Much of the Program is tutorial, with each student working closely with a faculty adviser. Twelve of the units involve independent study with an appropriate faculty member. Students are permitted, on their initiative and with their adviser's approval, to affiliate with laboratories, clinics, or other institutions in the greater San Francisco Bay Area for the purpose of conducting some of the research required by the Program. Under consortium arrangement some courses may be taken at the University of California, San Francisco, upon approval of the student's adviser and the U.C.S.F. instructor.


The Department of Psychology consists of approximately 24 full-time faculty holding doctoral degrees, and additional part-time faculty. Therefore, students in the Program are able to draw from a wide range of faculty competencies inside and outside of the Program. Faculty listed below are currently directly involved in the Program.

Caran Colvin, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (work stress, motivation, employee selection)

Robert Grissom, Ph.D., Princeton University (clinical research methods, meta-analysis)

Diane Harris, Ph.D., University of Michigan (school psychology, clinical psychology, eating disorders)

John Kim, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (language processing & acquisition, linguistic knowledge, cognition)

David Matsumoto, Ph.D., University of California (emotion, motivation, cross-cultural research)

Norma McCoy, Ph.D., University of Minnesota (developmental psychology, human sexuality)

Kenneth Monteiro, Ph.D., Stanford University (cognition, literacy)

Virginia Saunders, Ph.D., Indiana University (physiological psychology, psychpharmalogical psychology)

Theodore Steiner, Ph.D., Indiana University (biofeedback)

Dawn Terrell, Ph.D., Yale University (clinical psychology, family psychology, cross-cultural psychology)

Sheila Zipf, Ph.D., University of Michigan (social psychology, behavior genetics, cognition)

Application Procedure

Application deadline is March 1 for the Fall Semester. Note the Admission Requirements section above.

For Application forms and additional information, contact:

			   Graduate Secretary, Department of Psychology
			   San Francisco State University
			   1600 Holloway Avenue
			   San Francisco, CA  94132

		  Telephone: (415) 338-2711

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