Professional Science Master's

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Industry Advisors

The external advisory board (EAB) was selected to represent the breadth of companies in the life sciences industry in order to receive a broad view and advice from the industry as a whole. SFSU PSM’s EAB consist of leaders of local biotechnology institutes to guide curricular implementation, internship placement, and assist program and scholarship development.  Current External Advisory Board members are:


  • John Sninsky, Ph.D. Chairperson, Vice, President of Discovery Research, Celera Corporation
  • Susan Baxter, Ph.D. Executive Director, CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB)
  • Casey Case, Ph.D. Vice President of Research, SanBio, Inc.
  • Elaine Johnson, Ph.D. Director, Bio-Link
  • Ana Krtolica, Ph.D.  CEO & CSO, StemLifeLine Inc.
  • Dan Maher, MBA Senior Vice President, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
  • Sheldon Schuster, Ph.D President, Keck Graduate Institute
  • Jeffrey Wallin, Ph.D. Scientist, Genentech Inc.
  • Xianmin Zeng, PhD. Associate Professor, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
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