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Academy of American Poets/Harold Taylor Award

The Poetry Center is pleased to sponsor The Academy of American Poets/Harold Taylor Award at San Francisco State University. Founded in 1955 with ten schools, the University & College Poetry Prize Program now includes more than 175 prizes across the country. Many prominent American poets won their first recognition with an Academy College Prize, including Toi Derricotte, Mark Doty, Tess Gallagher, Louise Gluck, Allen Grossman, Jorie Graham, Kimiko Hahn, Joy Harjo, Robert Hass, Li-Young Lee, Charles Wright, Sylvia Plath and others.

Previous Winners

2011 : Monica Regan
Honorable mention: Susan Calvillo and Carolyn Ho
2010 :
2009 :
2008 :
2007 : Tina Petrakis
Honorable mention: Lorena Santos
2006 : Paul Dertien
2005 : Zaid Shlah and Kathryn Pringle (shared award)
Honorable mention: Lauren Shufran and James Brook
2004 : Elise Ficarra
2003 : Brandon Brown
2002 : Megan Pruiett


Check postings on campus for deadline

SFSU students may submit to The Poetry Center up to 10 pages of poetry, constituted by any number of poems. (Example: One ten page manuscript would constitute an entire single submission)

Manuscripts must be clearly typed and legible. Manuscripts will not be returned.

Names should not appear on manuscript pages. The writer's name, address, telephone number and social security number should be included in a cover letter accompanying the manuscript.

The Winner will receive a $100 check from the Academy of American Poets. Results are announced in late April.

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