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Procedures for Submitting Travel Expenses
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Effective March 1, 2004, requests for travel reimbursements charged to ORSP grant/contract accounts should be submitted directly to Ms. Tapati Shah, Travel Coordinator (ADM 351, next to Accounts Payable). Ms. Shah will review the reimbursement request to ensure it is filled out correctly and that all necessary documentation accompanies the request. Once Ms. Shah has determined that the documentation is correct, she will forward it to ORSP for final review of cost allowability and availability of funds. If Ms. Shah finds that the reimbursement form is incomplete/incorrect or documentation is incomplete, she will contact the claimant (or PI on behalf of the claimant, if the claimant is not an SFSU employee) directly to correct any deficiencies.

You may still seek help from ORSP in completing the travel reimbursement form by contacting Grant Support Coordinators, Candy Mou (candymoo@sfsu.edu, x54223) and Ray Vogelzang (raymondv@sfsu.edu, x53575)

SFSU travel claim forms can be found at: http://fiscaff.sfsu.edu/services/onlineform/forms/excel/effective_july_01_2008_std262.xls. Note: The travel desk has asked that claimants note in the "position" box on the STD 262 form whether they are an SFSU employee or non-SFSU employee.

STEP 1: PI forwards travel claim to Travel Desk (ADM 351, next to Accounts Payable).

STEP 2: Travel staff reviews claim to make sure it was completed properly (Normal processing time is approximately two weeks, but could take as long as three weeks, depending on the number of requests they receive at any given time.)

STEP 3: If there are problems with the claim form (i.e. back-up documentation is missing), the travel staff will contact the claimant directly to resolve. If the claimant is not on campus, the travel staff will contact and/or return the form to the PI who approved the travel claim.

STEP 4: Once the Travel Desk approves that the claim is valid and that all of the proper documentation is attached, the form will be forwarded to ORSP for review/approval

STEP 5: ORSP reviews for allowability and availability of funds (up to 3 days). Once ORSP approves, the form will be returned to the travel desk and a reimbursement check will be cut. (2 days)


Effective February 2, per a directive from the Chancellor's office, ALL international travel (regardless of funding source) must be pre-approved by the Provost. To request prior approval for international travel, please use the "Approval of Travel and Expense" form which can be found at: http://fiscaff.sfsu.edu/services/onlineform/forms/pdf/approval_of_travel_expense_claim.pdf. If you are not claiming a travel advance, simply do not list an advance amount on the form. Please submit the form to ORSP. Once ORSP approved, the form will be forwarded to the Provost for review/approval. Please attach the approved form when you submit your travel claim form. International travel claims submitted without the "Approval of Travel and Expense" will not be processed.

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