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policies and procedures
ORSP Policies & Procedures
SF State
New! Interim SF State Intellectual Property Policy (Note that this is an interim policy, to be submitted to the Academic Senate for approval during the 2009 Fall semester)
ORSP (all documents in .pdf format unless otherwise indicated)
Accurate Reconciliation of Accounting Records Policy
Award Acceptance and Negotiation Procedure
Award Set-Up Procedure
Budget Revisions Internal Procedure
Charging Direct and Indirect Costs Policy
Charging Direct and Indirect Costs Procedure
Code of Conduct for Sponsored Programs
Cost-Share/Matching Funds/In-Kind Contribution Policy
Cost-Share/Matching Funds/In-Kind Contribution Procedure
Cost-Transfer Policy
Cost-Transfer Procedure
Debarment and Suspension/Excluded Parties Policy and Procedure
Deficit Policy and Procedure - Allocation of Financial Responsibility to Colleges
Document Management Policy and Procedure
Express Proposals Policy and Procedure
Fabricated Consolidated Equipment Policy and Procedure
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
Financial Conflict of Interest Procedure
Fund Advance Policy and Procedure
Human and Animal Subject Policy and Procedure
Identification of Funding Sources External Procedure
Identification of Funding Sources Internal Procedure
Institutional Transfers of Grants/Contracts
Mission Statement
Proposal Development and Submission Policy
Sub-Recipient Monitoring Policy
Sub-Recipient Monitoring Procedure
Sub-Recipient Monitoring-A-133 Procedures
Time and Effort Reporting Policy
Time and Effort Reporting Procedure
Fiscal Affairs (all documents in .pdf format)
Accounts Receivable Internal Procedure
Cash Management Procedure
Closeout Policy
Closeout Procedure
Electronic Withdrawal of Funds Internal Procedure
Invoicing Internal Procedure
Journal Entry Procedure
Human Resources (all documents in .pdf format)
Hiring Full-time, Part-time and Hourly Staff Procedure
Hiring Students Procedure
Paying Faculty on Sponsored Projects Internal Procedure
Paying Students and Hourly Employees Procedure
Reappointment/Termination of Salary and Hourly Positions Internal Procedure
Salary and Fringe Benefits Procedure
Grants and Contracts Policy and Procedures Manual (pdf format)
(Approved by President Robert A. Corrigan on June 1, 2004)  (Appendices)
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