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SFSU Research and Service Organizations
Directory of SFSU Research and Service Organizations

Academic Affairs
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
College of Business
College of Education
College of Ethnic Studies
College of Health & Human Services
College of Humanities
College of Science & Engineering

Academic Affairs

Confucius Institute promotes understanding of the Chinese language and culture through facilitating instruction; provides professional Chinese language training to the community, as well as training to teachers of Chinese as a foreign language; develops teaching materials and curriculum, and promotes educational exchange, research, and cooperation between the United States and the People's Republic of China.
Director: Jiaxin Xie, (415) 405-2868, Burk Hall, Room 325, http://www.sfsu.edu/~ci/

Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) provides opportunities for civic engagement and leadership development at San Francisco State University for students, faculty, and community members. Through innovative courses, experiential learning, political engagement, participatory action research, and direct services, we partner the resources and expertise of the urban university with the knowledge and assets of diverse communities. Working locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally, we cultivate strong leaders who will effectively advocate for social, economic and education inclusion, and fully participate in the civic life and political processes of their communities.
Director: Gerald Eisman, (415) 338-6419, Pacific Plaza, 2001 Junipero Serra Blvd., Suite 750, Daly City, http://www.sfsu.edu/~icce/

Institute for Next Generation Internet works toward revolutionizing the educational learning environment by evolving internet communications through public-private partnerships; fostering economic development and investments in San Francisco; and establishing strategic international partnerships to enhance San Francisco's leadership in knowledge economies in the global arena.
INGI is also an active member of the Chancellor's Industry Initiative for the Digital Media and Entertainment sector.
Director: Joaquin Alvarado, (415) 405-4059, San Francisco State University, Downtown Campus, 6th Floor, http://www.cel.sfsu.edu/institute/

Whirlwind Wheelchair International (WWI) is a focus for University activities in the area of wheeled assistive technology including "real world" education and training, applied research and service.
Director: Marc Krizack, (415) 338-6277, Science Building, Room 251, http://www.whirlwindwheelchair.org

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Center for US-China Policy Studies is a research unit aimed to promote research, teaching, training, and outreach on US-China domestic and international policy issues. It also provides policy research, data collection, analysis, and consultation to interested government agencies, non-profit organizations, community groups and businesses. It promotes academic exchange and serves as a bridge and a base for collaboration between the college, the University, other institutions or organizations, particularly in China.
Director: Sujian Guo, (415) 338-7523, Humanities and Social Sciences, Room 264, http://cuscps.sfsu.edu

Institute for Geographic Information Science provides software site licenses, a training program, and most importantly a structure for intercampus dialogue on issues confronting faculty attempting to apply GIS technology in their educational and research programs.
Director: Jerry Davis, (415) 338-6332, Humanities and Social Sciences, Room 272, http://gis.sfsu.edu

Institute for Sexuality, Social Inequality and Health initiates basic research, educational and social policy initiatives regarding the effects of social inequality on sexuality and health.
Director: Gilbert Herdt, (415) 817-4525, Downtown Campus, 835 Market Street, Suite 517, S.F., http://nsrc.sfsu.edu and http://crgs.sfsu.edu

Institute on Disability advances research on the nature of disability while also introducing the topic into the curriculum campus-wide.
Director: Paul Longmore, (415) 338-3382, Humanities and Social Sciences, Room 249, http://bss.sfsu.edu/disability

Public Research Institute offers students and faculty opportunities to conduct applied social research and advanced public policy studies with the potential for direct benefit to the public.
Director: Jim Wiley, (415) 338-2978, Pacific Plaza, 2001 Junipero Serra Blvd., Suite 750, Daly City, http://pri.sfsu.edu/

College of Business

Center for Business Solutions works toward enhancing the value and quality of information technology college graduates to assume effective and responsible careers in information technology. Its objectives are: to augment education with “real world” experience; to meet the demands of industry for development and applied research using academic resources; and to support industry in improving the value and quality of information technology solutions.
Director: Sam Gill, (415) 338-1311, Business Building, Room 301

Center for Electronic Business promotes and disseminates applied research that leads to tangible improvements in the development, management, and use of electronic business by faculty and students.
Director: Robert Nickerson, (415) 338-7477, Business Building, Room 206D, http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~ceb

Ohrenschall Center for Entrepreneurship supports graduate students who either: create ventures that have a sustainable, profitable, competitive advantage; or return to a family business to successfully manage and grow that business; or provide expert support services for new venture creation and thereby improve the infrastructure and general environment for entrepreneurship.
Director: Connie Marie Gaglio, (415) 817-4354, Downtown Campus, 835 Market Street, Suite 590, S.F., http://www.sfsu.edu/~cfe/

College of Education

California Research Institute on the Inclusion of Students with Significant Disabilities enhances the education of students with moderate to severe disabilities through teacher preparation, technical assistance, and research.
Directors: Pam Hunt and Lori Goetz, (415) 338-7848, Humanities and Social Sciences, Room 106

Center for Adult Education presents adult education theories, principles and practices to those who are interested in developing traditional and non-traditional programs, who are planning and administering human resources development training programs, and who are interested in teaching.
Directors: Doris Flowers and Ming-Yeh Lee, (415) 338-2614, Burk Hall, Room 269

College of Ethnic Studies

Cesar E. Chavez Institute (CCI) studies and documents the impact of social oppression on the health, education, and well-being of disenfranchised communities in the U.S. CCI aims to bridge academic research and the practice of community empowerment through multiple approaches, including participatory action research, that make the Institute's studies and research findings accessible and useful to policy makers, service providers, educators, and community advocates.
Director: Rafael Diaz, (415) 522-5808, 3004 16th Street, #301, S.F., http://cci.sfsu.edu

College of Health & Human Services

Health, Mobility & Safety Lab ameliorates the health, mobility and safety of interested members of the campus community and its environs, with an emphasis upon state, regional and national dissemination through education, research, service and training activities.
Director: Darlene Yee, (415) 338-3558, Humanities and Social Sciences, Room 242

Institute for Holistic Healing Studies is involved in education, research, service and training in health promotion focusing on holistic and integrative perspectives of health, healing, and human well-being.  
Director: Adam Burke, (415) 338-1774, Health and Social Sciences (HSS), Room 327, http://www.sfsu.edu/~ihhs/.

Institute on Gerontology coordinates the University's efforts in gerontology-related research, academic programs and services.
Director: Anabel Pelham, (415) 338-3557, Humanities and Social Sciences, Room 242

Marian Wright Edelman Institute develops and implements an interdisciplinary cross-professional degree program(s) in Child Development with studies in children, youth, and families that incorporates research, community outreach and training components.
Director: Charlotte Ferretti, (415) 405-3564, Science Building, Room 394, http://edelman.sfsu.edu

Pacific Leadership Institute (PLI) provides a menu of programs centered on learn-by-doing opportunities using the value of challenge, the power of play, and the great outdoors as teaching tools for building life skills such as self-esteem, leadership, and the ability to work as a team.  The PLI offers a wide-range of community-based programs serving youth, schools and university programs at SF State and other institutions around the Bay Area.  Beyond our innovative programs, the core of the PLI is centered on a youth empowerment and leadership development model dedicated to training, preparing, and researching the impacts of experiential education on young people.  The PLI reaches out to the broader community regarding building leadership skills, embracing recreation education and civic engagement, and fostering healthy lifestyles.  The PLI has opportunities for student interns (college and high school), volunteers, and both graduate student and faculty research.  Director:  Nina S. Roberts, (415) 338-7576; Chief of Programs: Drew McAdams, (415) 405-3737; http://www.pliprograms.org.

College of Humanities

Poetry Center & American Poetry Archives presents readings by poets, novelists, and other writers in accord with the highest standards of literary excellence and houses a collection of over 2,000 original recordings of poets and writers reading from their works.
Director: Steve Dickison, (415) 338-3401, Humanities Building, Room 511, http://www.sfsu.edu/~poetry/

Center for Integration & Improvement of Journalism develops a means of increasing the recruitment, retention, graduation and placement of ethnic minority journalists with the intent to bring diversity to the country's newsrooms while promoting an improved and balanced coverage of our multicultural society.
Director: Cristina Azocar, (415) 338-2083, Humanities Building, Room 307, http://www.ciij.org

Center for Modern Greek Studies promotes the study of modern Greek language, literature, history and culture of contemporary Greece in relation to its Byzantine and earlier Hellenic history and cultural achievements.
Director: Martha Klironomos, (415) 338-1892, Humanities Building, Room 577, http://www.sfsu.edu/~modgreek/

College of Science & Engineering

Center for Computing for Life Sciences is a multidisciplinary center addressing a wide range of scientific, technological and application problems in computing for life sciences that span the intersection of Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics with Computer Sciences and Mathematics.
Director: Dragutin Petkovic, (415) 338-2156, Hensill Hall, Room 301-306, http://cs.sfsu.edu/ccls/

Engineering Design Center provides selected students in Engineering and Science with pratical design experience, offers faculty members with state of the art consulting experience and makes available the expertise of students and faculty to the engineering community in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Director: David Calkins, (415) 338-6203, Science Building, Room 170A, http://engineering.sfsu.edu/centers_of_excellence/engineering_design_center/

Industrial Assessment Center serves the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers in Northern California by providing cost free engineering assessments related to energy, waste and productivity.
Director: Ahmad Ganji, (415) 338-7736, Science Building, Room 151, http://engineering.sfsu.edu/centers_of_excellence/industrial_assessment_center/

Romberg Tiburon Center is a marine research field station that focuses on gaining a fundamental understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes of the San Francisco Bay, the adjacent coastal environments and marine ecosystems world-wide.
Director: Toby Garfield, (415) 338-6063, Romberg Tiburon Center, 3152 Paradise Drive, Tiburon, http://rtc.sfsu.edu/index.htm


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