ORSP Newsletter - 12/06

ORSP Newsletter : December 1, 2006 : Issue 3

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Upcoming ORSP Deadlines & Events
Implementation Team

Upcoming ORSP Deadlines & Events





Dec. 8


Requests for January Intersession pay due

Dec. 15


Payday for students and hourly staff (paychecks available after 1 p.m.)

Dec. 18


Absence Reports due for salaried staff and faculty

Dec. 18


Time sheets due for Student Assistants and hourly staff

Jan. 2


Payday for faculty and staff (paychecks available after 10:30 a.m.)

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Dec. 8


Pilot training workshops on ORSP. More information is in the Implementation Team section of this newsletter.

Jan. 19


Seminar: How to Find - And Win- Federal, Foundation and Corporate Grants. More information is in the Pre-Award section of this newsletter.

Jan. 22


" Research On the Move" Presentation and Discussion at the Faculty and Staff Retreat

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Personnel Announcements

Campus Closure and Holidays

  • The Campus is closed due to the 2006-2007 Holiday schedule from Saturday, December 23, 2006 through Monday, January 1, 2007.
  • For hourly and salaried staff, the workdays between Christmas and New Year’s Day will be observed as PAID holidays with the exception of Friday, December 29, 2006, which will require the use of accrued vacation leave or personal holiday.
  • Please remember that hourly staff, like salaried staff, are paid for all campus holidays on a pro-rated basis.  Hourly employees will be credited for the appropriate number of paid hours on their timesheets by the Personnel Assistant in ORSP.  The schedule below shows the number of paid holiday hours that hourly staff will receive, based on total number of hours worked during the pay period.  These holiday hours are direct charges to the grant.

Hours on Pay Status During Pay Period (exclusive of holidays not actually worked)

Holiday Pay in Hours for Each Holiday

















151 or over



  • For hourly and salaried staff, Personal Holidays must be used no later than December 31, 2006.  Employees are reminded to schedule use of the Personal Holiday before December 31, as Personal Holiday time off does not carry forward to the next calendar year.
  • Hourly and salaried staff who work on the day that the University observes as a holiday will receive holiday compensation in the form of compensatory time off, or cash payment.  If PIs have employees who will be working on any of the paid holidays, please contact Melissa Bonilla, Personnel Specialist at extension 81861 or mbonilla@sfsu.edu.

Faculty Pay for Winter Intersession

  • If you are planning on requesting January Intersession pay from your grant, or planning to pay other faculty members, please submit your request on-line at ORSP Personnel webpage.  Click on the January Intersession Salary Request.  This applies to faculty with Academic Year Appointments only.
  • The dates for January Intersession appointments (as determined by the SFSU Academic Calendar) are January 4 - January 19, 2007 (12 paid days total). The benefit rate for faculty intersession appointments is 12% for faculty with full-time academic year appointments.  For faculty with less than full-time academic year appointments, and who are enrolled in CALPERS, the benefit rate is 34.68%.
  • To estimate your daily rate of pay for January Intersession 2007, please use the following calculation:  
    Annual Academic Year salary/9 months (September- May)= Calendar Year Monthly
    Salary/22 days (total number of working days in the January pay period) = Daily Rate for January Intersession 2007.
  • Upon receiving your on-line request, appointment documents will be prepared and sent to you as PDFs via e-mail.   The appointment document will specify the estimated cost of both salary and benefits for your convenience. Please review and sign the appointment document, and return to ORSP, ADM 471, by January 5, 2007.

If you have questions about personnel policies or procedures, please contact Victoria Narkewicz at extension 8-1973 or at toria@sfsu.edu.

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Post-Award Announcements

90 Day Closeout Notices

·         In early December, notices will be sent out to all Principal Investigators via email for projects ending February 2006. 

·         Principal Investigators should work with their Grant Administrator during this time to forecast final expenditures, finalize any cost-sharing documentation, request a no-cost time extension or carryover of unobligated funds to a subsequent budget period.  

·         If you have any questions concerning the 90-day closeout notices, please contact your Grant Administrator. 

If you have any questions concerning Post-Award policies or procedures, please contact Diane Coseo at extension 8-7090 or dcoseo@sfsu.edu.

P-Card Processing Reminder

Please review and observe the following policies regarding submission of your monthly P-card reports

  • All P-card statements and expense logs must be signed by the Principal Investigator of the project the expenses are being charged to.
  • If the P-card holder is the Principal Investigator, the Post Award Manager must sign the statement and expense log.
  • All electronic receipts and copies of receipts must be signed by the P-card holder certifying that the receipt is a true and correct copy of the original, which has been lost or is otherwise unobtainable, and that the receipt has not be submitted, nor will be submitted in the future for payment or reimbursement.
  • All P-card statements, expense logs and itemized receipts are due in the P-card office by the 10th of the month
  • An itemized receipt should contain the following:
    • Description of goods purchased
    • Date of purchase
    • Quantity purchased
    • Price per item
    • Amount of sales tax & total cost
    • Shipping/handling charges, if applicable

For a copy of the P-card policy and procedures, P-card office contacts and other P-card information, please visit the P-card web page at http://fiscaff.sfsu.edu/departments/pcard/

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New Staff Member

·         ORSP welcomes Jay Bethke, who recently began work as the Assistant to the Compliance Officer. Please feel free to contact Alison Sanders (asanders@sfsu.edu) or Jay Bethke (jsbethke@sfsu.edu) if you have questions about cost-sharing, effort reporting, or any other compliance issues.


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Pre-Award Announcements

Seminar: How to Find- And Win-Federal, Foundation and Corporate Grants

  • David Bauer of Bauer Associates will present a one day seminar on How to Find - And Win - Federal, Foundation and Corporate Grants on Friday, January 19, 2007 here on the campus of SFSU. 
  • The seminar and materials (The How to Grants Manual, 5th edition, Self-Learning Contracts, & Project Planners)  will be free to all SFSU faculty who pre-register.
  • Pre-register by contacting Tish Santos (tlsantos@sfsu.edu, 405-3995) in ORSP.  Details regarding the agenda of topics, time, and location will be announced later. 
  • This workshop is intended to benefit faculty from all disciplines, especially those in the humanities and social sciences where external funding is traditionally more challenging.

Submission Requirements

  • The ORSP Pre-Award team is committed to meeting all submission deadlines set by external sponsors.  Meeting deadlines requires careful planning and diligence on the part of both the PI and the Proposal Services Specialist. 
  • Before a proposal is submitted several internal approvals must be obtained and departures from these internal processes should be rare exceptions and requires the approval of AVP, Kenneth Paap. 
  • Here is a quick review of some of these important components.


1.       Checklist submission.  The PI is responsible for submitting the online checklist at least 4 weeks before the sponsor’s deadline for a Grant.gov submission and 3 weeks prior to the deadline for other types of submissions.

2.       Approval of Budget and Abstract.  For EVERY proposal the budget and abstract is electronically forwarded by the Pre-Award Program Coordinator to the PI’s chair/director, the PI’s dean, and the AVP for Fiscal Affairs.  The PI is responsible for preparing a draft budget (with the assistance of a Proposal Services Specialist) and an abstract that gives the approvers sufficient time to review the budget and abstract and email their approval back to Pre-Award.   Even if the budget does not including cost-sharing we recommend that the PI have a meeting with the chair in order to answer questions.  Proposals will not be submitted to the sponsor without these approvals. 

3.       Approval of Cost Sharing.  Any proposal that includes cost-sharing requires additional approvals by each individual who provides a cost-shared resource.  The most common sources of cost-sharing are the dean, chair/director, and AVP.  Currently, cost-share approvals are obtained on a hard-copy form.  The PI is responsible, as needed, for obtaining the approval of either the chair/director or dean.  There is a compelling rationale for having the PI  be responsible for these approvals as chairs, directors, and deans usually want to discuss the amount and type of cost-sharing resources directly with the PI before signing the cost-sharing form.   The Proposal Services Specialist is responsible, as needed, for obtaining the approval of the AVP.  Proposals will not be submitted to the sponsor without the required approvals. 

4.       Approval of Entire Proposal Packet.  The AVP is the institutional official authorized to submit a completed application packet to a sponsor.  The Pre-Award Manager is responsible for obtaining this final hard-copy approval before the proposal is submitted. 

If you have any questions concerning Pre-Award policies or procedures, please contact Christine Ramos at extension 8-6478 or cbramos@sfsu.edu.

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Implementation Team

  • We are working on policies and procedures that relate to compliance issues. This is the focus of the team for the next three months.
  • At the Faculty and Staff Retreat in January 2007 we will do a presentation that will include updates on the work of the Implementation Team, a brief discussion of the implementation process, and a question and answer time. Our presentation is titled "Research On the Move." We welcome your input for questions and topics you would like to see covered by submission on our website.
  • ORSP is conducting a series of training workshops to share information with faculty and staff.  Also we need input regarding our training efforts and want to hear comments regarding processes currently in place. The training is about 60 minutes followed by time for discussion and suggestions.
  • Two training sessions are scheduled in 168 Burk Hall on Friday, December 8th: 9-11am and 2-4pm. Space is limited to 15 persons per training session. Light refreshments will also be served. Interested faculty and staff can RSVP to Tish Santos (tlsantos@sfsu.edu), extension 53995, by December 5.

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