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Location key

Administration (ADM) -- I8-9 Coppola Theatre -- H6 Health Center -- G6 Mail Services -- E5 Public Safety (Police) -- D4 Sutro Library -- B5
Amer. Language Institute (ALI) -- G7 Corporation Yard -- D4 Hensill Hall (HH) -- G9-10 Mary Park Hall -- F2 Recycling -- E-F6 Temp. Buildings -- F9
Bookstore -- H7 Creative Arts (CA) -- I6 HSS -- H-I9 Mary Ward Hall -- G2-3 Science (SCI) -- G-H9 Thornton Hall (TH) -- F8
Burk Hall (BH) -- H-G6 Dining Center -- G3 Humanities (HUM) -- H5 McKenna Theatre -- I6 Seven Hills Center -- F3 The Towers -- G4
Business (BUS) -- H/I-8/9 Ethnic Studies & Psych. (EP) -- G6 Jack Adams Hall (SC) -- H7 Memorial Grove -- G7-8 Shipping & Receiving -- D5 University Park North -- A5-E9
Cesar Chavez Student Center -- H7 Facilities -- D4 Knuth Hall -- I6 One Stop Center -- G5 Softball Field -- H1-J2 University Park South -- I2-J9
Car Rental /Lot 25 -- B4 Fine Arts (FA) -- H6 Lakeview Ctr. (LVC) -- C3-D4 Parking Garage -- E-F5 Student Housing Office -- G3 Village at Cent. Sq. -- G3-4
Child Care Center -- F2 Garden of Remembrance -- H6 Library (LIB) -- I7-8 Parking & Trans. -- D4 Student Services (SSB) -- G5  
Conference Ctr. (The Towers) -- G4 Gymnasium (GYM) -- G7-8 Little Theatre -- I6 Physical Therapy -- G7 Studio Theatre -- I6  

Map of SFSU | Northwest | Northeast | Southwest | Southeast | Click on a section for more details on campus facilities, services, and access information.
Map of the SFSU campus
Map of SFSU | Northwest | Northeast | Southwest | Southeast | Click on a section for more details on campus facilities, services, and access information.

Accessible path key*
accessible route graphic Accessible Route -- This path generally conforms to accessibility standards.
complying ramp graphic Ramp (5%-8.3%) -- Complying ramp along the accessible route.
partially accessible route graphic Partially Accessible Route -- This path generally conforms to accessibility standards, but there may be excessive cross-slope (over 2%) or other irregularities in a portion of the path, often along the path edge. There is usually a 48" wide complying path along these routes, though it may not be a straight or direct line.
travel hazard symbol Areas that may be a travel hazard [where the slope exceeds the standard maximum ramp slope (8.3%), or the cross-slope is significant (exceeds 4%)]
lighter path symbol Lighter shade indicates path continues underneath overhang.
*Note: The map and information on pathways are limited by the scale. The accessible route should be clear to a person at a location, while the dashed line is intended to indicate where keener observation may be necessary to locate the accessible route. Pathways are generally asphalt and subject to weathering, erosion, uplifting, and other changes that may create navigational issues. SFSU is committed to maintaining the accessible route. Please report any irregularities to Disability Programs and Resource Center, 415/338-2472 (voice, TTY).
Accessible symbol key
accessible men's restroom symbol Accessible Men's Restroom elevator floors Elevator(s) (floors shown if limited)
accessible women's restroom symbol Accessible Women's Restroom accessible entrance symbol Accessible Entrance
Accessible Unisex Restroom accessible entrance with power door symbol Accessible Entrance with Power Door
floor numbers Floor Numbers (listed if limited) accessible emergency phone symbol Accessible Emergency Telephone
TTY phone location symbol TTY Phones accessible parking symbol Accessible Parking (#'s indicate floors)
TTY phone location symbol Video Phone
Symbol key
public transportation symbol Public Transit
bike path symbol On-campus Bike Path Route
shuttle symbol Shuttle Stops
ATM symbol ATM Machines
parking lot symbol Parking Lots
parking meter graphic Metered Parking
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