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Travel Program Regulations

All overseas travel programs which are offered to SFSU students through SFSU must go through an approval process with either the Office of International Programs (if state-funded) or the College of Extended Learning (if self-support). Certain requirements are applied and certain documents and information must be provided to the appropriate office as a pre-condition for the program.

Some of the various types of travel programs are:

•  State-funded courses for which credit is given for a travel program
(approved and monitored by the Office of International Programs);
* See conditions

•  Travel programs which are either a component of a state- funded course, or are related to a
state-funded course (approved and monitored by the Office of International Programs);
* See conditions

•  Travel programs which are self-support and provide academic credit
or are related to a SFSU course (approved and monitored by the College of Extended Learning).
* See conditions at





According to SFSU policy, and in accordance with relevant California State University Executive Orders (#550, #590 and #605, et al ), all state-funded study abroad programs, or study abroad components within state-funded, or related to a state funded, course, are required to be approved by the Office of International Programs (OIP). The following information must be filed with the Office of International Programs as a part of this process for approval :

1) A synopsis of the travel component and purpose.

2) A letter/note of recommendation for the travel as a course/course component from the Department Chair. This should include affirmation that no instruction-related expenses are being passed to the participating students (copy of travel approval)

3) A complete itinerary, with contact information, for the course of the travel program.

4) * Copies of an "Air Travel Release and Hold Harmless Statement" for each participant.

5) * Copies of a "Consent and Release Agreement" for each participant (document available through OIP).

6) * Copies of a signed "Health Statement and Physician's Form" for each participant,

7) Proof of Health Insurance (photocopy of membership card) for each participant.

8) * Copies of a " Perm ission for Emergency Treatment" for each participant.

9) A photocopy of the inside passport page (showing passport number and date of expiration) for each participant.

10) Copies of the International St udent Identification Card for each participant.

11) Emergency contact/next of kin information for each participant.

12) A description of the pre-departure orientation program, covering safety, security and health issues.

13) * Copies of any additional application form (if required) - OR - a completed OIP participant profile form for each participant.

* Document available from OIP





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