Office of International Programs (OIP)

Eligibility requirements

You may work on campus provided:
  1. You are maintaining F-1 status
  2. You are in good academic standing at SF State (2.0 GPA for Undergraduates and 3.0 GPA for Graduates)
  3. You do not work more than a total of 20 hours per week while school is in session. According to USCIS regulations, you may be employed full time during holidays and vacation periods, including your summer and winter vacation, provided you are eligible and intend to register for the next semester.
  4. You do not displace an U.S. resident.

In any semester in which you have been approved for a Reduced Course Load (RCL) due to academic difficulty or medical condition, on-campus employment is not permitted.

You must obtain an authorization from OIP (Have your OIP Referral Form signed by OIP) before beginning any on-campus employment.

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Jobs which qualify as on-campus employment

Employment by SF State
On-campus work performed for SF State is usually acceptable, whether it is employment in the library, the computer center or the housing office or work required by a scholarship, fellowship or assistantship. F-1 visa international students are only eligible to work in jobs that are classified as "student assistant" positions (and not "work study" jobs that are part of US federal financial aid programs).

Other Employment on SF State鈥檚 Premises
Work performed on SF State鈥檚 grounds is "On-campus employment" as long as the employer provides direct services to students. Employment in SF State bookstore or cafeteria, both of which provide direct services to students, is acceptable even if the bookstore or cafeteria is operated by a private, commercial firm. Work for a construction company which is erecting a campus building is not acceptable since the construction company does not provide direct student services.

Work Off Campus Which Qualifies as On-Campus Employment

USCIS regulations allow you to work at an off-campus location provided:

  • The location is educationally affiliated with the school
  • The educational affiliation is associated with your school's established curriculum or is related to a graduate level research project which your school has contracted to perform
  • The work is an integral or important part of you program of study. For example, if your field of study is marine biology and your school has an off-campus marine biology research facility, you may work there and that employment will be defined as "on campus".

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How to find an on-campus Job

Go to Carrer Center website at and click "GATORJOBS" on the left hand side.

Some Places to look for part-time on-campus employment opportunities:

  • Chartwell Dining Services hires students to fill positions in the Residential Dining Halls, and in the snack bars in the residential areas.
  • The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) hires students on a part-time basis for a variety of positions, including web developer, machine operators, Help Desk consultants, etc. You must have good communication skills in English. To obtain a job application, you may pick one up at the Help Desk located in OLD ADM 110.
  • The J. Paul Leonard University Library
  • The SFSU Bookstore
  • DPRC (Disability Programs & Resource Center)
  • The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) in HSS 348 generally needs tutors in a variety of subjects.
  • Audio-Visual Services hires students to assist with maintenance and delivery of equipment on campus, including overhead projectors and video monitors. Located on the ground floor of the J. Paul Leonard Library.
  • Various faculty members in the Department or Foreign Language & Literatures (HUM 475) often hire international students who are native speakers of languages that are taught at SF Stateas "TA's" or teaching assistants.
  • Housing & Residential Services hires students for Resident Assistant and other positions to work in the University's various on-campus housing facilities. Visit the Housing & Residential Services Office located on the ground floor of Mary Ward Hall.
  • The Department of Public Safety (Campus Police Department) also hires students at the beginning of each semester to serve as "student escorts" during the evening hours accompanying students from various campus locations to their car, on-campus residence, etc. Visit their office located in the Corporation Yard on the west side of campus near Lake Merced Blvd. and the student parking garage.
  • Ask your friends who may already be working on-campus! They are also good resources to learn about jobs in the departments/offices where they presently work!
  • A variety of other offices hire students on an occasional basis. Watch for announcements on OIPNEWS (the weekly electronic newsletter for international students), or by visiting an office for which you would like to work.

Please note that inclusion on the above list does not mean that the offices are currently hiring students, only that they have previously hired students for part-time positions.

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What should I do with OIP after I find an on-campus job?


Step 1: Request an OIP Referral Form


Student must register for a full-time course load in Spring and Fall (Summer is optional) BEFORE submitting the OIP Referral Form to OIP. Classes in which you are waitlisted do not count toward full-time enrollment.


Step 2: Submit the OIP Referral Form and photocopies of your most current I-20 (First page only), passport (bio page with expiration date), and I-94 admissions verification printout from (If you entered the U.S. prior to April 30, 2013, provide a front and back copy of the I-94 card stapled to inside of your passport). If you need to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN), you will also need to submit a job offer letter from your on-campus employer


Step 3: Schedule an appointment to meet with the SF State Tax Specialist (in the Internal Audit Office, ADM 258) to discuss important tax matters and to complete required U.S. Federal and State of California income tax forms.


Your permission to work on campus is authorized for the duration of one semester or until you graduate, whichever is earlier.  If you wish to continue working on-campus after this date and you will be a continuing student, you will need to complete a new OIP Referral Form before the expiration of your current form. 

Your permission to work on-campus will be cancelled if:

  1. You graduate before your OIP Referral Form expires

  2. You do not maintain full-time enrollment status as required by F-1 regulations

  3. Your GPA falls below a 2.0 (for undergraduate students) or below a 3.0 (for graduate students)

  4. You otherwise violate your F-1 student status for any reason   


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School transfer and completion of study

If you are transferring to another school you may continue on-campus employment at SF State until you move to your new school if you:

  1. Are in lawful F-1 status
  2. Have received an I-20 from a new school where you wish to continue study
  3. Intend to enroll at the new school for the next regular academic term of session
You may not be employed on campus after you have graduated from SF State.

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Employment for F-2 dependents

Immigration regulations prohibit all employment for F-2 dependents (spouses and children of F-1 students).

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Employment eligibility verification (EEV)

When you begin work, you and your employer must complete a form entitled "Employment Eligibility Verification" (USCIS Form I-9). The I-9 must be updated each time you renew your work permission. Seet Financial Aid Office wesite for more information about I-9 compliance.

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Failure to Comply with Employment Regulations

It is your responsibility to comply with all USCIS regulations which apply to F-1 students. If you fail to comply with your responsibilities, you may not be eligible for benefits normally granted to F-1 students and, in some situations; you may be subject to deportation.

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