Office of International Programs (OIP)

Obtain Reduced Course Load (RCL) approval from OIP

If you are going to enroll part-time in your final semester you must get approval from OIP. To obtain approval, students must submit a signed and completed Reduced Course Load (RCL) form to OIP.

Apply for graduation

See informaiton about Undergraduate Degree Application and Graduate Degree Application. You will need to speak to your academic advisors if you have questions about applying for graduation.


Apply for Post-completion OPT

If you have been maintaining F-1 status you will be eligibile to apply for Post-completion Option Pracitacl Training (OPT). Graduating students may apply for OPT 90 days before their program completion date.

Attend Celebration of Achievement Reception

A special event designed for graduating F-1 students, see more information at Celebration of Achievement

Depart the U.S. within your grace period

You must depart the U.S. within 60 days of your I-20 program completion date or your actual program end date, whichever is earlier. The exceptions to this rule include students who

  • Have applied for Post-Completion OPT, or
  • Are transferring to another U.S. school, or
  • Have applied for a change or adjustment of status with USCIS

Checklist for students who are leaving San Francisco after program competion

If you live off-campus:

  • Give 30-day written notice to your landlord with the date that you will be leaving your apartment. Be sure that your roommates are aware of your plans.
  • Arrange for an apartment walk-through inspection with your landlord Agree on a date to receive your security deposit refund; request it in writing.
  • Review your lease agreement and its stipulations on termination of the lease prior to the walk-through to avoid last minute misunderstandings.
  • Cancel all utility accounts (cable tv, gas, electricity, water, telephone, etc.) and newspaper/magazine subscriptions
  • Leave a forwarding address at the local USPS governing your zip code region.
  • Be sure to change your address at SF State Gateway


If you live on-campus:

  • Leave a forwarding address with either the SF State Housing Office (if you live in Mary Ward or Mary Park Halls) or with the Rental Office at Centennial Village
  • Cancel your telephone agreement with Telecommunications and pay any outstanding phone bills



  • Close all bank accounts
  • Notify newspapers, credit card companies, and other home delivery services of your change of address and request a final billing statement.
  • If you are on a University or Research Foundation payroll and do not have direct deposit, make arrangements with the appropriate payroll office to have your check(s) forwarded to you.
  • Make sure that all your academic responsibilities are completed.
  • Pay any outstanding library fines, parking fines, and other campus payment obligations, otherwise you will not receive your grades, transcripts, or diploma!
  • Unsubscribe from any e-mail lists using your SF State e-mail account if you will not be able to access that account after your departure. SF State e-mail accounts remain active for up to six months after graduation.
    You can also change the account you use for subscribing to OIPNEWS by sending an e-mail to and requesting that your subscription be updated.
  • Contact shipping companies for best rates and make arrangements for shipping your items back to your home country in a timely manner
  • Sell miscellaneous furniture, appliances, computers, automobiles, etc. by placing an advertisement in the Classified Section of the SF Chronicle or an ad with!
  • Join SF State Alumni Association

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