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    University Executive Order #95-18 (Supersedes University Executive Order #85-09)


    This policy provides a definition of sexual harassment. It specifies pre-disciplinary, pre-grievance procedures for reporting and resolving complaints of sexual harassment and recommends that an education program be initiated. Formal disciplinary and grievance procedures are already defined by existing policies, executive orders, codes, and collective bargaining contracts pertinent to university employees and students. (NOTE: If the physical safety of any university individual is in question, the President will act immediately, within the authority of Title 5, Section 41301, the Education Code Sec. 22505 or the Penal Code Sec. 626.4 to protect the threatened party. Formal proceedings may be initiated immediately by the President in consultation with the Sexual Harassment Officer(s), and the appropriate grievance/disciplinary action officer.)

    This Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures applies to complaints of sexual harassment filed against a faculty member, administrator, staff person, or student. Information regarding where and how to file complaints is available from any Sexual Harassment Adviser or Officer.

    No individual shall be subject to reprisal for using this policy, nor shall its use preclude subsequent disciplinary or grievance measures. All units of the campus community are expected to comply with this policy.

    Except as needed in processing the complaint, both the Sexual Harassment Advisers and Sexual Harassment Officers are required to maintain confidentiality in dealing with sexual harassment complaints.

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