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Validation is a process of checking documents against formal standards. In addition to yielding maintenance-friendly files, valid markup and code "future proof" files as browsers become standards-compliant.

Validation Resources

Markup Validation Service

Check the markup of XHTML documents.

CSS Validation Service

Check your CSS.

HiSoftware Cynthia Says

Check Section 508 or W3C WCAG 1.0 accessibility guidelines.


Check accessiblity compliance. (This tool was formerly known as "Bobby.")

Link Checker

Find dead links and fix them.

Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

Lots of tools for evaluating file information and structure and for examining pages as they appear with and without CSS, Javascript, images, etc.

Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

Another use for the toolbar.

Firefox Javascript Console

Debug Javascript. Click the red x/green checkmark in the browser's upper right corner to display the console.

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