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Use of this template constitutes an agreement to follow the SF State Web Template Guidelines at http://www.sfsu.edu/template and to meet California Government Code 11135, implementing Section 508 legislation at http://www.sfsu.edu/access

Before you begin:

  1. Read the template overview
  2. Read the accessibility review
  3. Plan your site structure (Example navigation, organization, image bar)

To build/update your site:

  1. Download the template files and replace placeholder content and navigation with your content.
  2. Request local Google site search from webteam@sfsu.edu. This search will be limited to your website only, making it easier for users to find information on your site. To make the request e-mail webteam@sfsu.edu your site name and the site URL. Please allow up to 5 days for your request to be processed. If you do not want a local search remove the code.
  3. Optional template elements you can customize:
    • Change the image bar. Create and save your image in the images directory and name it "imagebox.jpg"
    • Create a Custom 404 page.

Note: University policy prohibits you from customizing your website in the following ways:

  • Changing words, navigation or other elements above the image bar (other than site name).
  • Changing words, navigation or other elements in the footer.
  • Introducing new navigation schemes, color schemes, or column schemes.
  • Changing fonts, font colors or font sizes from those specified in the web template.

Before you go live:

  1. Complete a manual accessibility assessment.
  2. Once you receive sign-off from the ACCESS team that your site meets accessibility requirements contact webteam@sfsu.edu to request listing in the A-Z directory if it is a new Web site.

Note: Users of the SF State Web template must not delete any accessibility features from the template. All content added to the template must be fully section 508 compliant. New or revised sites must be Section 508 compliant before they go live.

Download Web Template Version 1.06 (zip archive)

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Updates and Changes

Updates/Changes included in version 1.06.1:

  • The Search, Go and Submit buttons were modified to use pure css rounded corners removing the need for the background image which increases page download time. A mouse cursor style was also added which displays a "pointer" (hand) image when hovering over the button.
  • An optional div tag was added that can be used around form elements to inherit the central css styles.
  • A secure (ssl) global.css file was made available for use in pages that need encryption (https).
  • Code changes version 1.06.1

Updates/Changes included in version 1.06:

  • Increased base font size by 5%
  • Added styles for nested lists
  • Added styles for form elements
  • Removed the class imgfull
  • Updated the attention class formatting
  • Updated hover link color to #333300
  • Updated visited link color to #666600
  • Updated print.css to print bullets and not print skip links
  • Updated template preview page
  • Changed buttons to use CSS for more accessibility
  • Updated search to use new search format
  • Code changes version 1.06

Updates/Changes included in version 1.05:

  • Changed text color of seasonal message, footer, and active page's link
  • Added title and label tags to all search forms
  • Updated search and go buttons
  • Centralized CSS, javascript, and image files
  • Added instructions on how to request and use a custom search
  • Created local.css to be used for a custom image bar
  • Code changes version 1.05

Updates/Changes included in version 1.04:

  • Changed character « to - in page title for Section 508 compliance
  • Added "Skip to local site navigation" in Utility Bar for Section 508 compliance
  • Changed Login link in Utility Bar to point to login.htm
  • Changed campus-wide search in Utility Bar to use Google
  • Added Form title to local search for Section 508 compliance
  • Updated local search in Sidebar to use Google

Updates/Changes included in version 1.03:

  • Fixed content overlapping with text increase (Change to function equalCol in .js file)
  • Promo box is now scrollable (Change to #promobox in .css file)

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