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#075--February 18, 2000; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEA SE
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Dancing naked requires flexibility but leads to a satisfying career

SFSU Professor Robert C. Chope helps job searchers confront their emotional limits

SAN FRANCISCO, February 18, 2000---After observing that most career self-help books do not deal with the emotional issues and personal aspects of job searching, Robert C. Chope, professor of counseling at San Francisco State University, decided to remedy that situation. Drawing upon over 20 years of experience as a practicing career psychologist and as a teacher of career counselors, he wrote Dancing Naked: Breaking Through the Emotional Limits that Keep You from the Job You Want, published in January by New Harbinger Publications.

In his book, Dr. Chope builds upon the basic premise that people form a "career identity," an idea of what jobs they are trained for, what careers are acceptable to pursue, and what positions they are personally suited for. When this career identity is disrupted through job loss, career dissatisfaction, promotion, or even retirement, it can thrust individuals into an emotional crisis, requiring a stripping away (the "dancing naked" of the title) of the defenses that keep them from finding a satisfying career.

Dancing Naked offers readers tools for understanding and dealing with the emotional stresses, including self-doubt and anger, that can come with a career search, helping them build a flexible career identity grounded in positive career beliefs and skills rather than credentials and training.

Note:Dr. Chope will be signing copies of his book Feb. 22 from 7:30 until 8:30 p.m. at Solar Light Books, 2068 Union Street between Buchanan and Webster. Complete directions are available by calling Solar Light: (415) 567-6082. Review copies of Dancing Naked can be obtained by contacting Kasey Pfaff, Publicist at New Harbinger Publications: 1-800-748-6273x107, or

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