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#040--November 9, 1999; For Immediate Release
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SFSU Offers New Graduate Program in E-Commerce

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 9, 1999- The College of Business at San Francisco State University will begin a new graduate concentration in electronic commerce beginning Fall 2000. The new concentration (Master of Science in Business Administration) will prepare graduate students for new positions in the field of e-commerce, a field that is continuing to grow. $3.1 billion was spent online during the holiday season last year, and Jupiter Communications predicts that online holiday sales will double this year. E-commerce students will be trained in the skills needed to succeed in the three segments of e-commerce: business-to-consumer; business-to-business; and consumer-to-consumer.

"This new program responds to the growing demands of businesses for professionals who can apply digital techniques to solving business problems of the new millennium," said Ray Maghroori, dean of the College of Business.

The program will have two phases. In the first phase, all students will take courses in the fundamentals of business: accounting, finance, operations, organizational design and change, management, and marketing. During the second phase, students will take courses in advanced computer applications: Internet marketing, e-commerce project management, computing applications, data communication, and information technology strategy.

"E-commerce is dramatically changing the way business is done. The Internet and e-tailers are eradicating geographical boundaries. With that will come a new emphasis on consumer satisfaction, efficiency and innovation," said Maghroori. "Our graduate program in e-commerce will train students in the relevant digital technology as well as provide them with the management skills to compete in this new business environment."

Bill Perttula, chair of the Marketing Department, adds, "An in depth e-commerce program at SFSU is a natural fit since so many of our students presently work in Internet related companies-the multi-media gulch and Silicon Valley culture is all around us."

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