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#019--September 30, 1999
Contact: Merrik Bush-Pirkle, SFSU Science PIO
phone: 415/338-1665


Itís a small small world, after all

Nano-technology, Life on Mars, Parasites as Art, Microscopy in the 21st Century and new technology demonstrations are just a few highlights of this weekendís 5th Annual Microscopy Colloquium at SFSU

WHEN: Saturday, October 2, 1999; 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: San Francisco State University, Seven Hills Conference Ctr., 1600 Holloway Ave.

WHAT: More than 100 scientists from academia and industry will gather to present the latest news, research and technological breakthroughs achieved using microscopy in a range of disciplines, from biology and chemistry to engineering and art.

In addition to at least 40 presentations by accomplished scientists from across thenation, and students from various universities, industry experts from companies such as Digital Instruments, Hitachi, EDAX, Inc., Optronics, Oxford Instruments, and more will discuss new directions in the commercial microscopy field.

SPECIAL GUESTS: David Blake, NASA Ames Research Center: "Life in the Mars Meteorite..." Jacek Gaertig, University of Georgia: "Organelle Assembly in Protozoa..." Michael Isaacson, Cornell University: "Nanoscopy: A New Paradigm..." Plus many more ...

SPECIAL SESSION: There will be a special demonstration of remote microscopy, a cost-effective new method of connecting students and researchers to off-site electron microscopes. New technology includes internet access, remote control of equipment and remote collaborations between academia and industry. From the conference room, facilitators will use the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as the off-site demonstration location.

INFO: Research abstracts, symposia summaries and schedules are available by visiting the Colloquium website at:


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