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#005-- August 9, 1999; Media Advisory
Contact: Merrik Bush-Pirkle
Phone: (415) 338-1665

Eastern medical practitioners look to the West
for training in holistic healing

During a four-day workshop at SFSU next week, Japanese health-care providers will learn
how to integrate this ancient healing model back into Japan’s modernized health-care system

San Francisco, CA, August 9, 1999—In a cultural twist, 20 Japanese health-care workers, including 14 nurses, arrived in the United States this weekend to attend an intensive, four-day workshop on holistic healing, which begins today at San Francisco State University.

"Many Japanese health-care providers are trying to integrate holistic healing back into the contemporary Japanese health-care system, which has become very Westernized," said Dr. Erik Peper, director of SFSU’s Institute for Holistic Healing Studies.

Co-sponsored by the Japanese Holistic Healing Association, which is located in Japan, the Summer Institute in Holistic Health and Applied Psychophysiology is designed specifically for Japanese health-care providers and runs through Thursday, August 12.

Now in its third year, the workshop is an introductory version of SFSU’s two-year Certificate Program in Holistic Health, which a number of practicing physicians have completed to enhance their traditional medical training.

With the assistance of Japanese translator Dr. Yuko Franklin, who has been with the program since its inception, SFSU instructors will teach a variety of classes, including: Introduction to Holistic Health; Integrating Homeopathy & Acupuncture; Biofeedback & Self-regulation; Introduction to Autogenic Training; and Integrating Imagery, Meditation & Somatic Therapy for Health.

Guest speakers include Dr. Gay Luce, director of the Nine Gates Mystery School in Marin.

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Note to editors: By prior arrangement, Dr. Peper welcomes as guests any media interested in visiting the workshop. Copies of the workshop itinerary available upon request. For information on SFSU’s Institute for Holistic Healing Studies, visit their website at:

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