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#001--July 28, 1999
Contact: Ted DeAdwyler/ John Essex
phone: 415/338-1665

SFSU Media Advisory


WHAT: A group for children of incarcerated parents called At Risk Kids—A.R.K.— will visit the Fort Miley Adventure Ropes Course, led by several Bay Area high school volunteers who have been trained as ropes course leaders. The Ropes Course is a collaborative effort run by San Francisco State University’s Recreation and Leisure Studies Department, the San Francisco State University Foundation, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

WHEN AND WHERE: Friday, July 30, 9 a.m. at the Fort Miley Adventure Ropes Course located at Geary Blvd. and Camino del Mar in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The kids will put their skills to the test on the high elements from approximately 12:30–3 p.m.

DETAILS: Approximately 25-35 youngsters from A.R.K.—At Risk Kids, a group for children of incarcerated parents—will visit the Fort Miley Adventure Ropes Course on July 30. A.R.K. is a program of Peace Creations, an Oakland based non-profit organization. The participants will focus on group activities in the morning and individual risk taking in the afternoon. Highlights of the course include exercises performed high in the air such as "The Perch," where the youngsters must climb a rope ladder t o the top of a 25–foot perch and jump off while attached to a safety harness. Another favorite is the "Zipline" where the youngsters slide down a 35–foot–high reinforced cable. The ropes course gives Bay Area residents—many of whom are considered at–risk or underserved—opportunities to develop decision–making skills, leadership skills, self–confidence, and to experience the value of working cooperatively in a safe environment. Friday’s group will be led by high school volunteers. For over 19 years, the rop es course has been open to all individuals and groups, regardless of physical ability or athletic experience. Its goal has remained the same—to build self–esteem and confidence and to promote mutual support, trust, and collaboration.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Steve Siskin, Director, Fort Miley Adventure Ropes Course at (415) 338-6883 or Ted DeAdwyler of the San Francisco State University Office of Public Affairs at (415) 338-7110.


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