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#062--April 16, 1998 ; Media Advisory
Contact: Blake Edgar
Phone: (415) 338-1665

Planet discoverer and E.T. intelligence seeker to discuss their work at S.F. State event

WHO: Astronomers Geoffrey Marcy, University Distinguished Professor of Science at SFSU, and Jill Tarter, Chief Scientist for Project Phoenix of the SETI Institute in Mountain View

WHAT: A conversation on the discovery of planets and the search for intelligent life elsewhere beyond our solar system

WHEN: Thursday, April 29, 7:30-9:00 p.m. (NOTE: new time)

WHERE: McKenna Theatre, San Francisco State University College of Creative Arts, main campus, 1600 Holloway Avenue (at 19th) San Francisco.

WHY: As part of SF State’s Centennial celebration, this discussion will highlight two of the most exciting areas of current research in astronomy, which may revolutionize ideas of our place in the universe. Geoffrey Marcy’s team has detected 12 extrasolar planets since 1995. His research has been featured in front-page news stories and several documentaries and books. Jill Tarter has been the Chief Scientist for Project Phoenix, a comprehensive search for radio signals from nearby Sun-like stars, since its inception in 1993 and has participated in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence for decades. She was the model for Jodie Foster’s character in the film "Contact."

DETAILS: Admission is FREE. Seating is not reserved. For more information or reservations, contact the SFSU Creative Arts Box Office at (415) 338-2467. For more information on this and other SFSU Centennial events, consult the Centennial web site at years.


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