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#040--December 23, 1998; For Immediate Release
Contact: Rol Risska 415/338-1665

Ornament at top of White House Christmas Tree made by San Francisco State textiles teacher

Oakland artist and resident Sheila O’Hara designed a snowwoman ornament inspired by Mrs. Clinton.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- December 23, 1998 -- A Christmas tree ornament designed and handcrafted by Oakland artist, resident and San Francisco State University textiles instructor Sheila O’Hara is one of two ornaments gracing the top of the White House’s Blue Room Christmas tree.

Dubbed Frostyana, the fourteen-inch tall styrofoam, yarn, and cotton figure was, O’Hara says, inspired by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. The snowwoman figure, one of 800 decorative ornaments bringing holiday cheer to the Blue Room, is poised to ski bravely down the side of the White House tree.

Early this year Mrs. Clinton asked the spouses of the 50 governors each to recommend six artisans from their home state to create a snowman out of fiber. O’Hara was among those invited to create an ornament. Choosing to create a snowwoman rather than a man, O’Hara also chose to model the figure on Mrs. Clinton and outfitted the ornament with a vest, sunglasses, skis, and candy cane-shaped ski poles.

The ornament will become part of the ongoing White House collection of holiday ornaments.


NOTE: For more information about O’Hara’s White House holiday ornament, call the artist at 510/339-3014.

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