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#017-- September 28, 1998; For immediate release
Contact: Ligeia Polidora
Phone: 415/338-1665

Pacific Exchange: San Francisco State to celebrate Chinese artist

San Francisco State delegation travels to Taipei to view works of famous Chinese artist, Chang Dai-Chien, many of which will be included in major exhibit during University's 1999 Centennial celebration

TAIPEI, CHINA -- September 28, 1998 -- The National Palace Museum in Taipei opens a major exhibition of the work of Chinese artist Chang Dai-chien on Friday, September 25. On hand for a special reception and viewing will be a small delegation from San Francisco State University, lead by President and Mrs. Robert A. Corrigan. Little known fact is that Chang Dai-chien, one of the most famous artists in the world, was born in 1899 and during his later life, lived for ten years in on the Monterey Peninsula. The connection? A year from now, San Francisco State will host an exhibition of Chang Dai-chien's work as a highlight of the university's 1999 Centennial celebration. Five of the artist's more famous works on exhibit now in Taipei will be travelling to the University next year for inclusion a 100-day 1999 Centennial exhibition, which will also mark the artist's centennial birthyear.

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