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#006--August 12, 1998; For immediate release
Contact:Ligeia Polidora
Phone: 415/338-1665

SFSU launches new traffic safety program for fall

"Wait for the Green!" encourages traffic and pedestrian safety at one of the City's busiest intersections

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-- August 12, 1998 -- Beginning August 26 San Francisco State University will launch a new program encouraging traffic and pedestrian safety during the first two weeks of the fall semester. Called "Wait for the Green!", the program promotes safety measures at the busy corner of 19th Ave. and Holloway Ave.

Sponsored by the University's Department of Public Safety, the campaign encourages motorists to stop for red lights and pedestrians to wait for green lights. Campus officers will staff a table at the corner while distributing maps and information. Also, officers will pass out green items like pencils, pens, water, bottles, rulers, and whistles all advocating commuters to "Wait for the Green!"

This effort builds on the success of the University's traffic enforcement program which has helped to reduce fatalities significantly at the traditionally dangerous intersection. Since the program began in 1995, the number of traffic accidents has greatly decreased while the number of fatal accidents has been zero. In 1997, San Francisco installed a camera at the intersection in order to document red-light runners.

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A limited number of books are available for review upon request.
This release was co-written by student writer, Edward Wilkinson.

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