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SF State experts available to comment on midterm elections and California political races


SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2010 -- San Francisco State University has faculty experts from political science, communication studies and business available to comment on the Senate race, California's gubernatorial election and other elections for public office, ballot propositions and the Obama presidency.


Graeme Boushey, assistant professor of political science
Boushey is an expert on California politics and can provide analysis of the gubernatorial and Senate races, including what candidates need to do to appeal to different segments of the state's voters.

Contact Boushey at (415) 338-6888 or gboushey@sfsu.edu


Sally Baack, professor of management
Baack is an expert on strategic and corporate management and has conducted extensive research on Carly Fiorina's career at Hewlett-Packard. Baack can discuss issues faced by corporate executives running for public office.

Contact Baack at (415) 817-4312 or sbaack@sfsu.edu


Jason McDaniel, assistant professor of political science
McDaniel is an expert on California politics, Los Angeles politics and how geographical locations and neighborhoods affect voting decisions. McDaniel can comment on candidates' efforts to appeal to voters in different regions of California (urban, rural and suburban, and Northern versus Southern California). He can also discuss how race and perceptions of crime affect voting behavior.

Contact McDaniel at (415) 338-2736 or mcdaniel@sfsu.edu


Frances Neely, associate professor of political science
Neely is an expert on how voters form affiliations with political parties, as well as election systems, and gender and politics. He can comment on how the public and the media treat female candidates, and the history of women in politics. He can also discuss survey results and the impact of California's proposition 14, which created open or "top-two" primaries.

Contact Neely at (415) 338-1522 or fneely@sfsu.edu


Robert C. Smith, professor of political science
Robert Smith is a nationally recognized expert on U.S. politics and African-American politics. He can provide analysis of the midterm elections, both in California and nationally, the significance of California in national politics, and issues of race and diversity in California's election races. 

Smith is also an expert on the presidency and is completing a book comparing President Obama with President Kennedy. He can comment on Obama's leadership style and policy decisions.

Contact Smith at (415) 338-7524 or rcs@sfsu.edu


Joseph Tuman, professor of communication studies
Joseph Tuman is an expert on campaign strategy and communications, and is the author of "Political Communication in American Campaigns." Tuman can comment on campaign advertising, candidates' interaction with the news media, candidates' tone and language choice, and the role of gender in campaign politics. He can also comment on campaign financing and expenditure.

Contact Tuman at (415) 338-1813 or joetuman@sfsu.edu


David Tabb, professor emeritus of political science
David Tabb is an expert on national politics and California politics, particularly Latino politics and voting patterns. He can comment on the Senate race, both in California and nationally, the role of media in political campaigns and the demographics of California voters.

Contact Tabb at (415) 338-2736 or dtabb@sfsu.edu




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