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Media Advisory: SF State experts available to comment on gubernatorial race, midterm elections and ballot propositions



SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 14, 2010 -- San Francisco State University has faculty experts available to comment on California's elections, local ballot initiatives and the national political landscape. Experts can comment on such issues as the Latino vote, how corporate leadership experience translates into the political arena, San Francisco propositions B and D and California's proposition 23.


California and Latino politics:

Jason McDaniel, assistant professor of political science, is an expert on California and Los Angeles politics. He can discuss California's gubernatorial and senate elections, including the political geography of the state and candidates' efforts to win votes in Northern versus Southern California. He is also an expert on how race, class, geography and neighborhood affect voting decisions.

Contact McDaniel at (415) 338-2736 (office) or mcdaniel@sfsu.edu


Sally Baack, professor of management, is an expert on strategic and corporate management and CEO behavior. She can discuss issues faced by corporate executives running for public office. Baack has conducted extensive research on Carly Fiorina's career at Hewlett-Packard.

Contact Baack at (415) 817-4312 (office) or sbaack@sfsu.edu


John Logan, professor and chair of labor studies, is an expert on the U.S. labor movement and can comment on the role of unions in California's governor's race. He can also comment on San Francisco's proposition B, which proposes pension reform for city employees.

Contact Logan at (415) 338-2885 (office) or jlogan@sfsu.edu


Belinda Reyes, associate professor of Raza studies, can discuss the Latino vote and issues surrounding immigration. She can also discuss San Francisco's Proposition D, which proposes allowing non-citizens to vote in school board elections.

Contact Reyes at (415) 405-7586 (office) or reyesb@sfsu.edu


Proposition 23:

Tom Thomas, associate professor of management, is an expert on business and the environment, and has published research on the California initiative process. He can discuss political strategy, funding issues and polling results related to Proposition 23, which would suspend AB32, California's Clean Air Act.

Contact Thomas at (415) 338-6086 (office) or tethomas@sfsu.edu


Tea Party movement:

Charles Postel, associate professor of history, is an expert on populism and social movements, and is the author of the Bancroft Prize-winning book "The Populist Vision." Postel can discuss the roots of the Tea Party movement, including the debate over whether the Tea Party constitutes a populist movement.

Contact Postel at (415) 338-1119 (office) or postel@sfsu.edu


Marie Drennan, assistant professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts, is an expert on social media. She can discuss how social media such as twitter has been used in the rise of the Tea Party movement.

Contact Drennan at (415) 338-1626 (office) or mdrennan@sfsu.edu


National politics:

Robert C. Smith, professor of political science, is a nationally recognized expert on U.S. politics and African-American politics. He can provide analysis of the midterm elections, in California and nationally. An expert on the American presidency, Smith is completing a book comparing President Obama with President Kennedy, and recently authored "Conservatism and Racism, and Why In America They are the Same."

Contact Smith at (415) 338-7524 (office) or rcs@sfsu.edu



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