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Job experts offer employment strategies and guidance for new graduates


SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2009 -- At San Francisco State's May 23 Commencement, more than 8,000 graduates will receive diplomas and transition into the workforce. SF State offers a range of experts who can share insights about the challenges the class of 2009 faces in a slumping economy and what they can do to land jobs.


Jack Brewer, urges graduates to be flexible with first job

Brewer says students seeking their first full-time job will have greater success if they're flexible about pay and location. Brewer oversees a variety of programs and career fairs at SF State and can provide tips and advice for those seeking their first job. As director of the Career Center, Brewer is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and can offer insights on the job market facing the class of 2009 and how those relate to national trends.

"Internships, part-time jobs and even volunteering in an area of interest are the best ways to build and enhance the skills employers will be looking for," Brewer said.

Contact Jack Brewer at (415) 338-2526 or jabrewer@sfsu.edu


Michael Meeks, documents generational differences in the work place

Meeks believes generational differences between the millennials (27 and younger) and older generations are among the biggest issues in the work place today. Meeks has researched generational differences in the workplace, including how millennials look for jobs, how their employment patterns differ from previous generations and how employers should manage millennials.

"Generation differences in the work place are an issue around the world," Meeks said. "In a job interview, we have two different paradigms trying to have a conversation, so for a millennial, it would behoove them to employ some empathy through the other generation's lens and not their own."

Contact Michael Meeks at (415) 817-4352 or meeks@sfsu.edu


Raquel Pinderhughes, researches "green-collar" jobs, organizes public service interns

Pinderhughes coordinates public internships for the Willie Brown Leadership Center at SF State and researches 'green collar jobs,' which she defines as manual labor jobs in businesses whose primary products or services benefit the environment. She can also discuss the job market in urban planning, environmental planning and policy work, including the importance of pre-graduation internships.

"Despite the economic downturn, the green collar job sector holds great promise for SF State graduates," Pinderhughes said. "Many of the skill sets that our graduates leave with fit well with the green economy, an area which is poised for growth and already includes more than 22 economic sectors."

Contact Raquel Pinderhughes at (415) 338-7520 or raquelp@sfsu.edu


Robert C. Chope, counsels workers through job searches

Chope is the author of "Dancing Naked: Breaking Through the Emotional Limits That Keep You From the Job You Want" and "Family Matters: The Influence of the Family in Career Decision Making." The current president of the National Employment Counseling Association, Chope's counseling focus is job loss, long-term unemployment and dealing with discouraging job searches.

"Recent graduates will be competing with experienced professionals who have been out of work for months if not years," Chope said. "I encourage students and recent graduates in this environment to pursue multiple income streams, work part time for more than one employer. You will increase the size of your network while gaining experience and skills at more than one company and in a variety of areas."

He can be reached at (415) 338-1731 or rcchope@sfsu.edu

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