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Media Advisory: SF State experts available to comment on the economy

Faculty expertise includes recession; housing market; trade agreements; energy policy


SAN FRANCISCO, September 29, 2008 -- San Francisco State University has experts in economics and management who are available to comment on the current state of the economy and the housing market.


Daniel Vencill, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics Daniel Vencill is a macroeconomist who can comment on definitions of recession, comparisons of the current climate with the Great Depression, commodity prices such as gold and oil, the credit crisis and the price of the dollar. He is also an expert on the relationship between the economy and urban crime rates, trade offs in the state budget, and he can comment on the economic policies of the presidential election candidates.

Contact Vencill at (510) 655-3080 (office) or dvencill@sfsu.edu


Michael Bar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Economics Michael Bar is a macroeconomist who can comment on recession and business cycles, the housing market, and the economic policies of presidential candidates.

Contact Bar at (415) 338-3026 (office) or mbar@sfsu.edu


Joanna Moss, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics Joanna Moss is an expert on international economics and globalization. She can comment on international trade; regional trade agreements, particularly NAFTA; the price of the dollar and its impact on international trade and domestic economic sectors in the U.S.

Contact Moss at (415) 338-7515 (office) or jgmoss@sfsu.edu


Michael Potepan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Economics Michael Potepan is an authority on housing economics. He can comment on the local and national impact of the housing crisis, policy solutions including those proposed by presidential candidates and the employment and economy of the Bay Area.

Contact Potepan at (415) 338-2647 (office) or mpotepan@sfsu.edu


Tom Thomas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management Tom Thomas is an expert on energy policy and its effect on the economy. He co-founded the first environmental management MBA in the U.S. He can comment on the energy policies and business political strategies of the presidential candidates.

Contact Thomas at (415) 338-6086 (office) or tethomas@sfsu.edu


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