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S.F. State faculty experts available on President's State of the Union address



Ted DeAdwyler
SFSU Office of Public Affairs
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Press Release published by the Office of Public Affairs


SAN FRANCISCO, January 27, 2003--- Experts at San Francisco State University in the fields of political communication, foreign policy, national politics and the economy are available to provide analysis of President Bush's State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Joe Tuman, professor of speech and communication studies, is an expert on political communication.
Tuman said of Bush's upcoming speech: "I am sure that President Bush will continue to try to build public support for war with Iraq. It is proving difficult as he has tried to link it to terrorism. Now he is trying to draw a link to the threat that Iraq poses but he has the absence of credible evidence unless the arms inspectors find something questionable. I also think that the American people want to hear more about what he is doing about the economy."
Tuman can be reached at (415) 338-1813 (office), (510) 834-2294 (home) or
(510) 504-7035 (cell).

David Fischer, diplomat in residence at SFSU, is a former ambassador and an expert on American foreign policy.
Fischer said of Bush's upcoming speech: "I think that President Bush has to use this opportunity to present a tight case on why we will likely have to go to war against Iraq. He wants and needs to build more support among people in this country and abroad as well. He knows that others around the world will be listening to his speech."
Fischer can be reached at (415) 661-8543 (home) or (415) 405-0325 (office).

Betty Blecha, professor of economics, is an expert on the U.S. economy.
Blecha said of Bush's upcoming speech: "The potential disruption of industrial economies through spiking energy prices or terrorist actions is a gnawing fear in the stomachs of investors around the world. The geopolitical issues of perceived unilateral American power have enraged our allies. It is unlikely that the speech will lower the volume of any of these issues, all of which have significant implications for our economy."
Blecha can be reached at (415) 338-7516 (office).

Robert Smith, professor of political science, is an authority on Congress and the presidency.
Smith said of Bush's upcoming speech: "The speech is important for Bush because it is the largest audience he will have to make the case for his economic program and more importantly for his war."
Smith can be reached at (415) 338-7524 (office) or (510) 222-7273 (home).

Shawn Whalen, coach of San Francisco State University's debate team and an expert on public speaking and, argumentation and debate.
Whalen said of Bush's upcoming speech: "My sense is that President Bush is at a critical juncture in his presidency because his popularity has been slipping. He needs to reach back to the folksiness that made him popular with voters."
Whalen can be reached at (415) 338-1097. Whalen and members of SFSU's award-winning debate team will be watching President Bush's speech Tuesday evening following their workshop class on forensics in the Humanities Building Room 114.


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