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SFSU ethicist is available to comment on cloning of human embryos, stem cell research

SAN FRANCISCO, November 27, 2001 - Laurie Zoloth, San Francisco State University professor of social ethics and Jewish philosophy and director of the Jewish Studies program at SFSU, is available to provide commentary and analysis on Advanced Cell Technology's and Clonaid's creation of embryos through human cloning.

An expert on the ethics of human cloning and stem cell research, Zoloth has contributed widely to the debate over cloning and stem cell research and has extensive experience working with national and Bay Area media outlets.

Zoloth may be reached at her office at (415) 338-3154, on her cell phone at (510) 410-2265 or at her home office at (510) 525-8764. Her e-mail address is:

"Stem cell research presents us with extraordinary difficult challenges in ethics, religion, politics and policy," Zoloth said. "It's clear there is a national consensus against cloning for reproductive purposes, but there is a significant difference between making babies and doing basic research.

"Studying and experimentation at very early stages of cellular development, including exploring the dynamics of cloning, can be supported if there is careful and thoughtful public oversight and regulation of the research."

Zoloth is chair of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bioethics Advisory Board, a board member of the International Society for Stem Cell Research and former president of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities. Her latest book, "The Human Embryonic Stem Cell Debate: Science, Ethics and Public Policy," co-edited by Suzanne Holland and Karen Lebacqz, was recently published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press.


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