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S.F. State Experts available to speak on visit of Mexico's Vicente Fox to Washington Next Week

SAN FRANCISCO, August 31, 2001 - Three San Francisco State University faculty members are available to provide analysis of the upcoming visit of President Vicente Fox of Mexico to Washington. The three, all of whom speak Spanish, are experts in U.S.- Mexico relations and issues such as amnesty for undocumented workers and Mexico's role in the global economy. For additional assistance, call SFSU Public Affairs at (415) 338-1665.

Teresa Carrillo is an associate professor of Raza Studies at S.F. State. She is an expert on immigration issues involving Mexico and the United States. Carrillo said Fox's visit is much anticipated by both the U.S. and Mexico. "Fox campaigned on a promise to advocate for millions of Mexicans who work, both with and without documents, here in the U.S. Fox's immigration agenda marks a turning point in that Fox assumes a position as an equal partner in bilateral relations," she said. "It will be interesting to see how his proposals, ranging from amnesty and a guest worker program to more stringent regulation of labor conditions for immigrant workers, are received in Washington." Teresa Carrillo, associate professor of Raza Studies, can be reached at (415) 338-3028 (office) or by e-mail at

Abdiel Onate, who earned degrees from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and El Colegio de Mexico, is an associate professor of history at S.F. State. He is an expert on the history and culture of Mexico. Onate believes President Fox's visit to Washington will be extremely significant. "It is part of his project to modernize Mexican relations with the world and to integrate Mexico more fully into the U. S. economy," Onate said. "The objective of Fox's project is to complete the transformation of the Mexican economy from a relatively closed and inward system to one that is open and outward. The only problem is that this will keep Mexico trapped in labor intensive production (maquiladoras), rather than create a balanced kind of development." Abdiel Onate, associate professor of history at S.F. State, can be reached at (415) 338-6177 (office) or (650) 355-8614 (home) or by e-mail at

Carlos Cordova, professor of Raza Studies at S.F. State, closely follows relations between Mexico and the United States. Cordova said he thinks that President Fox will certainly raise the issue of recognizing undocumented workers from Mexico in the United States. "President Fox is doing something that experts and scholars have urged for years: Give voice to undocumented workers from Mexico who have made many contributions to society in the United States. No one has really spoken in defense of them before." Carlos Cordova, professor of Raza Studies at S.F. State, can be reached at (415) 338-2419 (office) or (415) 334-3538 (home) or by e-mail at

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