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First-ever expanded SFSU Summer Semester draws more than 7,600 students

Low fees, financial aid, compressed time schedule are incentives in new state-supported program

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8, 2001 - Marking a new trend in year-round operations, more than 7,600 San Francisco State University students have enrolled for the state-supported Summer Semester, significantly exceeding the University's expectations.

By next year, all 23 campuses in the California State University system are expected to operate year round. SFSU is one of the first CSU campuses moving to a year-round schedule.

SFSU has greatly expanded its Summer Semester by offering more than 670 classes, including many high-demand courses required for graduation such as Second Year Composition and Fundamentals of Oral Communication. Students can complete a semester-long class in only five weeks. During last year's introductory pilot program, about 640 students attended Summer Semester, in which 67 classes were offered.

"We are giving students what they have wanted for years - a wider range of summer course offerings at affordable University fees," said Gail Whitaker, SFSU associate vice president for academic program development. "More students will now be able to graduate sooner."

Summer Semester helps SFSU prepare for Tidal Wave II, the influx of children of the Baby Boom generation and immigrants expected to flood California universities by 2010. Gov. Gray Davis allocated an additional $16 million of this year's state budget to support the CSU's year-round operations.

In previous years, students wishing to take classes over the summer registered through the SFSU College of Extended Learning and paid twice as much for classes without the opportunity to receive financial aid. In the new state-supported Summer Semester, SFSU undergraduate students who are California residents - including incoming freshmen - pay $450 for six units or less and $750 for 6.1 units or more. Students may take up to 14 units. Financial aid is available to eligible students. On-campus housing is also available.

The summer session runs in two five-week sessions, June 11 - July 15 or July 16 - Aug. 19, and one 10-week session, June 11 - Aug. 19.


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