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New college grads: focus on skills, not job title

Career psychologist Dr. Robert Chope urges class of 2001 to establish career portfolio instead of looking for that one 'dream job'

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2001-Graduating students who are crushed when their 'dream job' doesn't come through can find comfort and direction in the advice of Robert C. Chope, professor of counseling at San Francisco State University.

Chope, who has spent a quarter of a century counseling job-seekers, points out that new graduates tend to pigeon-hole themselves into highly specific positions without considering the array of terrific learning opportunities available.

"Don't worry about landing that one ideal job. At this point, no matter what your age, it's much more important to start building a strong, healthy career identity," says Chope. "With the instability in the economy, your 'plum position' can be gone next week. Don't stifle yourself by defining yourself by a job title; focus on your career identity-that unique blend of skills, attributes, personal and professional goals, and interests and achievements that you bring to the workplace."

Chope suggests that graduating students:

Robert C. Chope teaches career counseling at San Francisco State University and works as a career psychologist at the Career and Personal Development Institute in San Francisco. He is the author of "Dancing Naked: Breaking Through the Emotional Limits that Keep You from the Job You Want" (2000, New Harbinger Publications).

The most reliable way to reach Dr. Chope is to call his Answering Service: (415) 982-2636, press 1; Office phone: (415) 338-2230; E-mail:

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